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Fertility Counseling: Clinical Guide

Fertility Counseling: Clinical Guide

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The second edition of the essential guide for reproductive professionals is now available in a Clinical Guide and a Case Studies Guide, presenting the most current knowledge on counseling diverse patients amidst rapidly advancing modern technology. Follow an in-depth presentation of clinical concepts in this Clinical Guide for a foundational understanding of the medical and psychosocial experience of fertility treatment. Explore the areas of reproductive psychology, therapeutic approaches, assessment and preparation in assisted reproduction, addressing the needs of diverse populations, and clinical practice issues. Featuring new topics such as transgender ART, recurrent pregnancy loss, post-partum adjustment, and the pregnant therapist. Then in Case Studies, discover the accessible, real-world experiences and perspectives as leading international practitioners share their stories applying clinical concepts to treatment practice. An essential aid for medical and mental health professionals, this comprehensive guide allows clinicians to develop and refine the skills required to address the increasingly complex psychosocial needs of fertility patients.
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  • Part I. Introduction:: 1. Collaborative reproductive healthcare model:: A Patient-Centered Approach to Medical and Psychosocial Care Sharon Covington and David Adamson; 2. Reproductive psychology and fertility counseling Susan Klock; Part II. Theraeutic Approaches:: 3. Fertility counseling for individuals Linda Applegarth; 4. Fertility counseling for couples Brennan Peterson and Kristy Koser; 5. Fertility counseling with groups Landon Zaki and Rachel Rabinor; 6. Sexual therapy primer for fertility counselors Erika Kelley and Sheryl Kingsberg; 7. Its Complicated:: The Intersect between psychiatric disorders and infertility Katherine Williams and Lauri Pasch; 8. Be Fruitful and multiply:: Addressing spirituality in fertility counseling Eileen Dumbo and Megan Flood; Part III. Third Party Reproduction:: Assessment and Preparation:: 9. Counseling recipients of non-identified donor gametes Patricia Sachs and Carol Toll; 10. Counseling Non-Identified gamete donors Uschi Van den Broeck and Laura Josephs; 11. Counseling embryo donors and recipients Elaine Gordon and Maya Grobel; 12. Special considerations in gestational surrogacy assessment and arrangements Tara Simpson and Mary Riddle; 13. DNA and the end of anonymity:: disclosure, donor-linkage and fertility counseling Kate Bourne; 14. Family life after donor conception Maryilyn Crawshaw, Astrid Indekeu and Jane Ellis; Part IV. Addressing the Needs of Diverse Populations:: 15. The male experience with fertility and counseling Brennan Peterson and William Petok; 16. Counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Fertility Patients Sarah Holley and Lauri Pasch; 17. Transgender ART Jamie Joseph, Trystan Reese and Molly Moreavek; 18. A racially and culturally sensitive approach to fertility counseling Kimberly Grocher and Trudie Geritts; Part V. Special Topics in Fertility Counseling:: 19. Resiliency in reproductive loss Irving Leon; 20. Reproductive trauma and PTSD:: on the battlefield of fertility counseling Janet Jaffe; 21. Pregnancy loss counseling Irving Leon; 22. A little bit pregnant:: Counseling for recurrent pregnancy loss Rayna Markin; 23. Pregnancy and post-partum adjustment in fertility counseling Teni Davoudian and Laura Covington; 24. Walking the tightrope:: The pregnant fertility counselor Laura Covington and Janet Jaffe; Part VI. Practice Issues:: 25. Telemental health in fertility counseling Lauren Berman and Carrie Eichberg; 26. Nuts and bolts of fertility counseling:: Legal issues and practice management Margaret Swain and William Petok; 27. Ethical platform of assisted reproduction Julianne Zweifel and Jeanne OBrien.
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