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A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology

A Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Andrology

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This practical, extensively illustrated handbook covers the procedures that are undertaken in andrology and ART laboratories to analyse and assess male-factor infertility, and to prepare spermatozoa for use in assisted conception therapy. The content is presented as brief, authoritative overviews of the relevant biological background for each area, plus detailed, step-by-step descriptions of the relevant analytical procedures. Each technical section includes quality control considerations and the optimum presentation of results. In addition to the comprehensive basic semen analysis, incorporating careful analysis of sperm morphology, the handbook provides established techniques for the use of computer-aided sperm analysis and sperm functional assessment. The interpretation of laboratory results in the clinical context is highlighted throughout, and safe laboratory practice is emphasized. Fully revised, incorporating the new ISO TS 23162 on basic human semen analysis throughout, this is an invaluable resource to all scientists and technicians who perform diagnostic testing for male-factor infertility.
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  • List of abbreviations::1. Introduction; 2. Basic physiology; 3. Basic semen examination; 4. Extended semen analysis; 5. Sperm DNA; 6. Computer-aided sperm analysis; 7. Sperm function tests; 8. Tests of sperm-cervical mucus interaction; 9. Sperm preparation; 10. Sperm cryopreservation; 11. Preparation of surgically retrieved spermatozoa; 12. Quality management and accreditation; 13. Risk management; 14. Reproductive toxicology; 15. Andrology laboratory safety; Appendices:: 16. Interpreting andrology laboratory results#; 17. Equipment required for a basic andrology laboratory; 18. Home testing; 19. Example andrology laboratory forms; 19. Comparison of replicate counts; Index.
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