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Surgical Handicrafts: Manual for Surgical Residents & Surgeons

Surgical Handicrafts: Manual for Surgical Residents & Surgeons

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This book is a practical guide to the basics of surgery for interns, residents and practising surgeons. It serves as an instruction manual on best practice and preparations for surgery.

Comprising 45 chapters, the text begins with discussion on duties and responsibilities of house surgeons and residents, before detailing different techniques for best practice in a variety of areas, including sterile hand washing and gloving techniques, resuscitation of a patient, insertion of IV cannula, Ryles tube and Foley Catheter, local anaesthetics and nerve blocks, and minor surgical procedures.

Other important chapters include discussion on the MRSA super-bug, and the Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative from the World Health Organisation.

The second edition has been fully revised to present the latest techniques in the field. Additional chapters are included covering informed consent and negligence, surgical knots, intestinal and vascular anastomosis, energy sources in surgery, and surgical nutrition.

The new edition features nearly 500 surgical photographs and figures, and includes a DVD ROM demonstrating bandaging techniques, tube thoracostomy, central venous cannulation, and venous cutdown.

Key points

  • Practical guide to surgery for trainees and surgeons
  • Fully revised, second edition featuring many new topics
  • Highly illustrated with images and figures, and includes a DVD ROM demonstrating procedures
  • Previous edition (9789351527220) published in 2015
Product Details

Data sheet

Publication date
Issue number
hard cover
Pages count
Dimensions (mm)
159.00 x 241.00
    1. Model Conduct for House Surgeons/Residents
    2. Duties and Responsibilities of House Surgeons/Interns (Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship-CRRI)
    3. 9 Tips for House Surgeons/Residents
    4. Handwashing Practice
    5. Gloving Techniques
    6. Safe Surgery Saves Lives- A WHO Initiative
    7. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
    8. Surgical Site Infection
    9. Intravenous Fluids and Postoperative Fluid Management
    10. Intravenous Cannulation
    11. Central Venous Catheter
    12. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    13. Sutures
    14. Preoperative Preparation in General for Elective Surgery
    15. Preoperative Preparation of Common Operations
    16. Classification of Surgical Cases and ASA Classification of Physical Fitness
    17. Prophylactic Antibiotics in Surgery
    18. Prophylaxis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
    19. Surgical Blades, Skin Incisions and Acute Wound Closure
    20. Local Anesthetics used for Minor Surgery
    21. Digital Nerve Blocks (Finger and Toe Blocks)
    22. Minor Surgical Procedures of Subcutaneous Swellings
    23. Ingrowing Toe Nail
    24. Incision and Drainage of Abscess
    25. Venous Cutdown
    26. Resuscitation in Trauma
    27. Intercostal Drainage Tube
    28. Urethral Catheterization
    29. Nasogastric Intubation (Ryles Tube)
    30. Bandaging Techniques
    31. Use of Antiseptics and Ointments for Wound Management
    32. Head Injury
    33. Orthopedics
    34. Informed consent
    35. Energy Sources in Surgery
    36. Respiratory Complications after Surgery
    37. Surgical knots
    38. Vascular Anastomosis
    39. Burst Abdomen
    40. Medical Negligence
    41. Breaking the Bad News
    42. Abdominal Incisions
    43. Operation Theatre Etiquettes
    44. Intestinal Anastomosis
    45. Surgical Nutrition
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