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Essential Periodontics

Essential Periodontics

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The Dentistry Essentials are an international series of textbooks, designed to support lecture series or themes on core topics within dentistry.

A comprehensive yet accessible reference text designed for dental students and healthcare professionals alike

Essential Periodontics provides rapid reference to key information about periodontal pathology, examination and diagnosis, treatment planning of common diseases, dental implantology, clinical decision making, and more.

Contributions from experienced practitioners cover all the fundamental topics encountered in both periodontic training and practice, such as the anatomy and histology of the periodontium, basic principles of periodontal health, surgical therapies and suturing techniques, interdisciplinary periodontics, and management of periodontal emergencies. Each easy-to-read chapter includes a concise introduction, clearly defined learning objectives, a reference list of relevant scientific publications, tables and figures, and high-quality illustrations and clinical images.

  • Aligns with the Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions issued by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) 2018 World Workshop
  • Follows a flexible modular format which can be easily integrated into any dental school’s teaching curriculum
  • Discusses future advances and research in periodontics
  • Includes several useful appendices, references to internet resources, and an extensive index

Reflecting current practice and up-to-date scientific evidence, Essential Periodontics is a valuable resource for undergraduate dental students and healthcare professionals including dental hygienists, dental therapists, and general dentistry practitioners, which also includes interdisciplinary interests.

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178 x 254
  • About the editors xi

    List of contributors xii

    Foreword xvii

    Preface xviii

    1 Introduction to periodontology/periodontics 1

    Khalid Almas and Steph Smith

    2 Anatomy and histology of the periodontium 3

    Aditi Chopra and Steph Smith

    3 Classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions 23

    Khalid Almas and Steph Smith

    4 Epidemiology and indices of periodontal disease 27

    Ola Norderyd

    5 Etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases 31

    5.1 The dental biofilm 32

    Steph Smith

    5.2 Calculus 60

    Steph Smith and Khalid Almas

    5.3 Genetics and periodontal disease 69

    Steph Smith

    5.4 Immunopathogenesis of periodontal disease 76

    Steph Smith

    5.5 Histopathogenesis of periodontal disease 98

    Steph Smith

    6 Periodontal health, gingival diseases and conditions 106

    Steph Smith

    7 Periodontitis 115

    Steph Smith and Khalid Almas

    8 Aggressive periodontitis 123

    Steph Smith

    9 Periodontal conditions and the female patient 130

    Mea A. Weinberg and Stuart L. Segelnick

    10 Periodontal manifestations of systemic diseases and developmental and acquired conditions 135

    10.1 Systemic diseases or conditions affecting the periodontal supporting tissues 136

    Anders Gustafsson

    10.2.1 Periodontal abscess 141

    Steph Smith

    10.2.2 Endodontic-periodontal lesions 145

    Steph Smith and Qiang Zhu

    10.3 Mucogingival conditions and deformities 150

    Steph Smith

    10.4 Traumatic occlusal forces 156

    Steph Smith

    10.5 Prosthesis and tooth-related factors that modify or predispose to plaque-induced gingival diseases/periodontitis 160

    Steph Smith

    11 Periodontal soft and hard tissue pathology 166

    Steph Smith

    12 The periodontal examination 174

    Steph Smith and Aditya Tadinada

    13 Periodontal risk assessment 188

    Khalid Almas

    14 Prognosis and treatment planning for periodontal therapy 200

    Steph Smith

    15 Plaque control for the periodontal patient 207

    Diana Macri and Salim Rayman

    16 Non-surgical periodontal therapy 218

    16.1.1 Periodontal instruments 219

    Khalid Almas and Subraya Bhat

    16.1.2 Principles of periodontal instrumentation 232

    Khalid Almas and Subraya Bhat

    16.1.3 Scaling and root planing 240

    Subraya Bhat and Khalid Almas

    16.2 Antimicrobials in periodontics 245

    Subraya Bhat

    16.3 Host modulation therapy 254

    Subraya Bhat and Khalid Almas

    17 Periodontal plastic surgery 260

    Steph Smith, Arif Salman and Khalid Almas

    18 Resective periodontal surgery 278

    18.1 Gingivectomy/gingivoplasty 279

    Arif Salman and Karo Parsegian

    18.2 Periodontal flap surgery 284

    Arif Salman and Murugan Thamaraiselvan

    18.3 Osseous resective surgery 291

    Arif Salman

    19 Biomaterials in periodontal regeneration 297

    Nader Hamdan, Zeeshan Sheikh, Haider Al-Waeli and Michael Glogauer

    20 Periodontal sutures and suturing techniques 316

    Nader Hamdan, Zeeshan Sheikh and Haider Al-Waeli

    21 Periodontal wound healing 328

    Michel V. Furtado Araujo, Farheen Malek and Steph Smith

    22 Supportive periodontal therapy 338

    Tara Taiyeb Ali

    23 Periodontal medicine 345

    Steph Smith

    23.1 Periodontal disease, diabetes, and obesity 347

    Steph Smith

    23.2 Periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease 362

    Steph Smith

    23.3 Periodontal disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 378

    Steph Smith

    23.4 Periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes 386

    Steph Smith

    23.5 Periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis 396

    Steph Smith

    23.6 Periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease 402

    Steph Smith

    24 Autoimmune disorders affecting the periodontium 408

    Mabi Singh and Adriane Kilar

    25 Periodontal and medical emergencies 417

    25.1 Management of periodontal emergencies 418

    Subraya Bhat and Khalid Almas

    25.2 Management of medically compromised patients 422

    Subraya Bhat and Khalid Almas

    25.3 Medical emergencies in the dental office 433

    Steph Smith

    26 Halitosis 438

    David G. Gillam

    27 Interdisciplinary periodontics 444

    27.1 The periodontics–restorative relationship 445

    Ajay K. Dhingra, Sejal R. Thacker, Farheen Malek and Steph Smith

    27.2 The periodontal–orthodontic relationship 454

    Achint Utreja and Feras Al Khatib

    28 Fundamentals of dental implants 464

    Brittany Camenisch, Nehal Almehmadi, Pratishtha Mishra and Mohanad Al-Sabbagh

    29 Examination and treatment planning of the implant patient 478

    Sejal R. Thacker

    30 Risk factors for implant therapy 487

    Steph Smith

    31 Dental implants and patients with systemic conditions 499

    Fawad Javed

    32 Clinical considerations for implant-restorative procedures 506

    Ahmad Kutkut

    33 Implant surgical procedures 519

    Steph Smith, Khalid Almas, Nehal Almehmadi and Mohanad Al-Sabbagh

    34 Peri-implant diseases and conditions 540

    Steph Smith

    35 Peri-implantitis 546

    35.1 The peri-implant microbiome 547

    Steph Smith

    35.2 Diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis 565

    Pierluigi Balice

    36 Maintenance of implants 577

    Khalid Almas and Avinash S. Bidra

    37 Future advances and research in periodontics 587

    Yasir Dilshad Siddiqui

    Appendix 1:: Periodontal chart 592

    Appendix 2:: Periodontal indices 594

    Appendix 3:: Smoking cessation 598

    Appendix 4:: Indications for cone beam computed tomography in implant dentistry 599

    Appendix 5:: Imaging modalities for clinical situations and their specific indications 600

    Appendix 6:: Radiographic selection criteria for dental implants 601

    Appendix 7:: Implant Disease Risk Assessment (IDRA) functional diagram 602

    Appendix 8:: Periodontal and implant journals, societies, and useful websites 603

    Index 606

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