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Neonatal Hematology: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management of Hematologic Problems

Neonatal Hematology: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management of Hematologic Problems

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Neonatal hematology is a fast-growing field, and the majority of sick neonates will develop hematological problems. This is an essential guide to the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of hematologic problems in the neonate. Guidance is practical, including blood test interpretation, advice on transfusions and reference ranges for hematological values. Chapters have been thoroughly revised according to the latest advances in the field for this updated third edition. Topics discussed include erythrocyte disorders, platelet disorders, leukocyte disorders, immunologic disorders and hemostatic disorders. Coverage of oncological issues has been expanded to two separate chapters on leukemia and solid tumors, making information more easily accessible. Approaches to identifying the cause of anemia in a neonate are explained, with detailed algorithms provided to aid clinicians in practice. Covering an important hematologic niche with an ever increasing amount of specialized knowledge, this book is a valuable resource for hematologists, neonatologists and pediatricians.
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  • Foreword James Stockman III; Preface Pedro A. de Alarcon, Eric Werner, Robert D. Christensen and Martha Sola-Visner; Part I. Developmental Hematology:: 1. A historical review Howard Pearson (deceased); 2. Hematopoiesis Amber M. DSouza, Pedro de Alarcon and Mervin C. Yoder; 3. The development of the human immune system Amy OConnell, Angela Rivers and William B. Slayton; Part II. Bone Marrow Failure and Immune Disorders:: 4. Bone marrow failure syndromes Amy Geddis, Meera Srikanthan and Katie Bergstrom; 5. Immunodeficiency diseases of the neonate Julie J. Kim-Chang, James L. Wynn, Matthew A. Saxonhouse and John W. Sleasman; Part III. Erythrocyte Disorders:: 6. Newborn genetic screening for blood disorders Parul Rai, Ewelina K. Mamcarz and Jane Hankins; 7. A guide to identifying the cause of anemia in a neonate Robert D. Christensen; 8. Anemia of prematurity and indications for erythropoietin therapy Pamela Kling; 9. Hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn Mary Beth Ross, Stephen P. Emery, Pedro de Alarcon and Jon F. Watchko; 10. Neonatal hemolysis Bertil Glader and Aditi Kamdar; 11. Polycythemia and hyperviscosity in the newborn Ted Rosenkrantz and William Oh; Part IV. Platelet Disorders:: 12. Approach to thrombocytopenia Emöke Deschmann and Martha Sola-Visner; 13. Acquired thrombocytopenias Patricia E. Davenport and Martha Sola-Visner; 14. Fetal and neonatal alloimmune and isoimmune thrombocytopenias W. Beau Mitchell and James B. Bussel; 15. Congenital thrombocytopenias and thrombocytopathies Amy Geddis and Pedro de Alarcon; Part V. Leucocyte Disorders:: 16. Eosinophils and neutrophils Kurt Schibler and Robert D. Christensen; 17. Functional phagocyte disorders in the neonate Thomas F. Michniacki and Kelly Walkovich; Part VI. Hemostatic Disorders:: 18. Bleeding disorders Manuela Albisetti and Paul Monagle; 19. Neonatal thrombosis Julie Kim-Chang, James L. Wynn, Matthew A. Saxonhouse and John W. Sleasman; Part VII. Neonatal Transfusion Medicine:: 20. Transfusion practices Cyril Jacquot, Yunchuan D. Mo and Naomi L. Luban; Part VIII. Neonatal Oncology:: 21. Neonatal leukemia Erin M. Guest, Catherine Garnett, Irene Roberts and Alan S. Gamis; 22. Neonatal and perinatal solid tumors Kevin F. Ginn, Jaszianne A. Tolbert, Glenson Samuel, J. Allyson Hays and Alan S. Gamis; Part IX. Miscellaneous:: 23. Disorders of the feto-maternal unit Eric Werner, Nancy Chescheir and Randall Fisher; 24. Reference intervals in neonatal hematology Robert D. Christensen.
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