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Platinum-Based Chemotherapy: Clinical Uses, Efficacy and Side Effects

Platinum-Based Chemotherapy: Clinical Uses, Efficacy and Side Effects

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According to the Global Cancer Observatory, in 2020 the number of new cases of cancer was 19.3 million people in the whole world, with breast, lung, and colorectal cancer comprising 10-11% each of these figures. In the same year, there were almost 10 million deaths from cancer, with lung cancer being the one leading to more deaths (18%). Unfortunately, these figures are only expected to increase, with an estimated incidence of 30.2 million cases in 2040. Thus, cancer is a worldwide public health priority, with a high socio-economic impact. Chemotherapy stands out among the available cancer treatments. Platinum-based chemotherapy is one of the earliest chemotherapeutics introduced to the clinics and it is still the first-line treatment, used alone or in combination with other anti-neoplastic therapy and/or radiation, for many types of cancer in both adults and children. The book Platinum-Based Chemotherapy:: Clinical Uses, Efficacy and Side Effects offers the reader a general overview of this therapy, as well as an update on some of the most relevant issues specific to this therapy.
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