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Palliative Radiation Oncology

Palliative Radiation Oncology

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Offering practical, comprehensive coverage of the many nuanced technical and clinical aspects of this growing field, Palliative Radiation Oncology provides up-to-date clinical guidance in a thorough yet concise manner. In an easy-access format, it integrates basic science, pathologies, and research with clinical applications, covering different ways to approach problems, tumor assessment, precise target definition, and dosing-specific guidelines to minimize side effects/toxicities while balancing with desired outcomes.
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hard cover
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    Foundations and Principles of Palliative Care in Oncology
    1 Definition of Palliative Care
    2 Introduction to Prognostication
    3 Basic Communication Frameworks
    4 Troubleshooting Difficult Conversation
    5 Models of Multidisciplinary Management
    Techniques and Modalities
    6 Palliative Radiation
    7 Selecting Modalities
    8 Treatment Planning in Palliative Radiotherapy
    9 Alternate Modalities for Palliation
    10 Combining Radiation and Systemic Therapy
    11 Considerations Involving Reirradiation
    Foundations and Principles of Palliative Radiation by Body Site or Special Population
    12 Palliative Radiotherapy in the Head and Neck
    13 Palliative Thoracic Radiation
    14 Palliative Radiotherapy in the Breast and Chest Wall
    15 Palliative Radiotherapy for Gastrointestinal Malignancies
    16 Palliative Radiotherapy for Gynecologic Malignancies
    17 Palliative Radiotherapy in Pediatrics
    18 Radiotherapeutic Palliation of Lymphoma
    19 Radiotherapeutic Palliation of Bone Marrow Diseases-Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma
    20 Palliative Radiotherapy in Bones
    21 Palliative Radiotherapy in the Brain
    22 Palliative Radiotherapy in the Spine
    23 Palliative Radiotherapy in Oligometastases
    24 Palliative Radiotherapy in the Older Adult
    Management of Symptoms and Treatment- Related Toxicities

    25 General Symptom Overview: Importance of Side Effect Management, CINV, Anorexia, and Cachexia
    26 Management of Pain
    27 Management of Fatigue
    28 Management of Skin Toxicity
    29 Central Nervous System: Symptoms and Toxicities
    30 Management of Symptoms and Treatment-Related Toxicities of Head and Neck Cancers
    31 Chest and Thorax: Symptoms and Toxicities
    32 Abdomen and Pelvis: Symptoms and Toxicities
    33 Late Toxicities Management
    34 Psychosocial and Spiritual Distress
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