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An Introduction to Community and Primary Health Care

An Introduction to Community and Primary Health Care

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Community and primary health care nursing is a rapidly growing field. Founded on the social model of health, the primary health care approach explores how social, environmental, economic and political factors affect the health of the individual and communities, and the role of nurses and other health care practitioners in facilitating an equitable and collaborative health care process. An Introduction to Community and Primary Health Care provides an engaging introduction to the theory, skills and range of professional roles in community settings. This edition has been fully revised to include current research and practice, and includes three new chapters on health informatics, refugee health nursing and developing a career in primary health care. Written by an expert team, this highly readable text is an indispensable resource for any reader undertaking a course in community and primary health care and developing their career in the community.
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  • Part I. Theory:: 1. Community and Primary Health Care Diana Guzys; 2. Empowering individuals, groups and communities Diana Guzys; 3. Exploring disability from a social model of health perspective Rhonda Brown; 4. A lifespan and settings-based approach to mental health promotion Dean Whitehead; 5. Indigenous health and well-being:: wise and responsive practice in primary health care Susan Mlcek and Kerry Taylor; 6. Gendered health Rhonda Brown and Stephane Bouchoucha; 7. Interprofessional practice Susan McInnes, Kath Peters and Elizabeth Halcomb; 8. Developing a career in primary health care Kaara Ray B. Calma, Anna Williams, Susan McInnes and Elizabeth Halcomb; Part II. Skills for Practice:: 9. Cultural competence and cultural safety Diana Guzys and Kath Hoare; 10. Community health needs assessment Diana Guzys; 11. Health-related program planning and evaluation Dean Whitehead; 12. Health informatics Kerry Butler-Henderson; 13. Managing chronic health conditions Catherine Stephen and Elizabeth Halcomb; 14. Case management Elizabeth Halcomb; 15. Home visiting, risk assessment and safety Diana Guzys; Part III. Community and Primary Health Care Roles:: 16. Community health nursing Rhonda Brown; 17. Community mental health nursing Rhonda Brown; 18. Maternal, child and family health nursing Leesa Hooker; 19. School and youth health nursing Diana Guzys; 20. Sexual health nursing Diana Guzys; 21. Drug and alcohol nursing Rhonda Brown; 22. Rural health nursing Diana Guzys; 23. Refugee health nursing Bronwen Blake and Sandy Eager; 24. Occupational health nursing Rhonda Brown; 25. Nursing in general practice Elizabeth Halcomb; 26. Home-based care Jacqueline Allen and Rhonda Brown; 27. Correctional nursing Grant Kinghorn and Elizabeth Halcomb; 28. Nurse practitioners Kathleen Tori.
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