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Successful Transition to Practice: A Guide for the New Nurse Practitioner

Successful Transition to Practice: A Guide for the New Nurse Practitioner

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An expert guide to the complex, yet vital transition from student to employed nursing practitioner

The transition from nursing school graduate to professional nursing practitioner can be stressful and confusing. Unlike educational programs, life doesnt provide a set syllabus. After graduation, what steps do you need to take? How do you get certified? Where should you apply for work? Successful Transition to Practice is a much-needed guide to help you navigate the path from new graduate to the certification and on-boarding process and successful employment. 

Successful Transition to Practice walks you through the most confusing aspects of transitioning, from studies to full-time work, including applying for licensure, what to expect in an interview, insurance needs, hospital credentialing and more. Filled with expert advice, illuminating examples, and essential information, this important resource provides a framework to help you complete the transition to nurse practitioner with confidence.

The book includes valuable information on::

  • Planning for graduation
  • Getting board certified
  • Applying for state Licensure
  • How to ace a job interview
  • Employment contracts
  • Negotiating salaries
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Hospital credentialing and privileging
  • Billing and coding
  • Full practice authority, and more

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  • Chapter 1 Preparingfor graduation

    Required documentation

    Preparing for graduation

    Chapter 2 NationalCertification Examination

    How to choose the appropriate organization

    Required documentation

    Preparing for the examination date

    Chapter 3 Applyingfor Licensure

    The APRN Consensus Model

    Full Practice Authority- what is it?

    Chapter 4 Organizinga Portfolio

    Preparing a Resume and Curriculum Vitae

    Portfolio documents

    Chapter 5 TheInterview

    Dressing for Success

    Interview questions

    Chapter 6 EmploymentContracts

    Do I need one?

    Contents to consider in a contract

    Chapter 7 Negotiating a Salary

    Basic considerations

    Determining your revenue and practice expenses

    Chapter 8 Malpractice Insurance

    Claims made versus Occurrence

    Tail coverage

    Chapter 9 InsuranceCredentialing


    Applying for an NPI number

    Medicare & Medicaid

    Chapter 10 HospitalCredentialing

    The Process

    Required documentation

    Chapter 11 Reimbursement

    Billing and Coding

    Required documentation

    Chapter 12 Transition to Practice

    Understanding the process

    Research based tips to ease the transition process

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