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A Pathophysiologic Approach (Mosby Physiology Series)

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Gain a foundational understanding of complex hematology concepts with this thoroughly revised text. Hematology:: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 2nd Edition, a volume in the?Mosby Physiology Series,?explains the fundamentals of this multi-faceted area in a clear and concise manner. It offers masterful explanations of hematopoiesis, immunology, hemostasis, hemoglobinopathy, metabolic disorders, genetics, and neoplasia from S. David Hudnall, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Prof. Hudnall, who has practiced laboratory hematology and hematopathology for more than 30 years, has taught the principles of hematology to thousands of pre-medical undergraduates and medical students. Rich, clinically oriented coverage from cover to cover makes this text an ideal, problem-based way to learn about this complex subject.
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  • 1 Brief Overview of the Hematolymphoid System
    2 Hematopoiesis
    3 Erythropoiesis and Oxygen Transport
    4 Iron, Heme, and Hemoglobin
    5 Hemoglobinopathy
    6 Red Blood Cell Metabolism and Enzyme Defects
    7 Hemolytic Anemia
    8 Aplastic Anemia and Related Disorders
    9 Megaloblastic Anemia
    10 Myeloid Cells
    11 Immune System and Related Disorders
    12 Genetic Basis of Hematologic Neoplasia
    13 Leukemia and Related Disorders
    14 Lymphoma and Related Disorders
    15 Blood Coagulation
    16 Platelets
    17 Benign Conditions of Lymphoid Organs
    18 Blood Transfusion and Stem Cell Transplantation
    19 Hematologic Cancer Therapy
    Appendix A Answers to Review Questions
    Appendix B Complete Blood Count
    Appendix C Some Useful Immunophenotypic Markers for Hematologic Diagnosis
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