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What Makes a Person?: Secrets of our first 1,000 days

What Makes a Person?: Secrets of our first 1,000 days

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Ever wondered why your life and health can sometimes be so hard to control? Or why it seems so easy for other people? Mark Hanson and Lucy Green draw on their years of experience as scientists and educators to cut through the usual information on genetics and lifestyle to reveal the secrets of early development which start to make each of us unique, during our first 1,000 days from the moment of conception. Some surprising discoveries, based on little-known new research, show how events during our first 1,000 days make each of us who we are and explain how we control our bodies, processes that go way beyond just the genes which we inherited. Provoking new ways of thinking about being parents, this book empowers individuals and society to give the next generation the gift of a good start to life and future health.
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  • List of Figures; Preface; 1. Now You Are Two - the end of the beginning?; 1.1 Memories are made of this; 1.2 You get that from your father; 1.3 Who cares for you?; 1.4 Parrot fashion; 1.5 Learning on the job; 1.6 Tickling the senses; 1.7 Just checking; 1.8 Self-control; 1.9 Square eyes; 1.10 Learning to protect yourself; 1.11 Gut instinct; 1.12 The end of the beginning; 2. A Narrow Escape; 2.1 On the rocks; 2.2 Whos in control?; 2.3 Exit strategy; 2.4 Best laid plans; 2.5 The compromise; 2.6 Give unto Caesar; 2.7 Constrained circumstances; 2.8 The bigger the better?; 3. Growing in the Dark; 3.1 The stations are not the journey; 3.2 To sleep, perchance to?dream; 3.3 Be prepared; 3.4 Practice makes perfect; 3.4 Have a heart; 3.5 Water baby; 3.6 Investing in our bodies; 3.7 A Taste of the Future; 3.8 Nobody is perfect; 3.9 In the darkroom; 4. Sex Appeal; 4.1 Caught in the act; 4.2 50 shades of variation; 4.3 Coding; 4.4 Variety is the spice; 4.5 Grain of salt; 4.6 First conversation; 4.7 Controlling conception; 4.8 Technology to the rescue; 4.9 When is the best time to be conceived?; 5. Shit Happens; 5.1 Managing expectations; 5.2 Lives on the line; 5.3 Greed, gluttony and sloth?; 5.4 A bridge too far; 5.5 The musical score is not the performance; 5.6 I didnt see that coming; 5.7 Man hands on misery to man; 5.8 Women and children last; 6.  The Gift; 6.1 Whos in charge here?; 6.2 Homer Simpsons advice; 6.3 The known and the unknown; 6.4 The personal is political; 6.5 Youth voice; 6.6 Get our act together; 6.7 The buck stops here; 6.8 The gift; Acknowledgements; Further Reading; Index.
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