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Pseudoscience in Therapy: A Skeptical Field Guide

Pseudoscience in Therapy: A Skeptical Field Guide

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When experiencing mental health challenges, we all deserve treatments that actually work. Whether you are a healthcare consumer, student, or mental health professional, this book will help you recognize implausible, ineffective, and even harmful therapy practices while also considering recent controversies. Research-supported interventions are identified in this book and expanded upon in a companion volume. Chapters cover every major mental disorder and are written by experts in their respective fields. Pseudoscience in Therapy is of interest to students taking courses in psychotherapy, counseling, clinical psychology, and behavior therapy, as well as practitioners looking for a guide to proven therapeutic techniques.
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  • 1. Thinking critically about therapy Cara L. Santa Maria; 2. Depression R. Trent Codd III; 3. Bipolar spectrum Monica Ramirez Basco and Brittany L. Mason; 4. Anxiety Dean McKay; 5. Obsessions and compulsions Dean McKay; 6. Trauma Gerald M. Rosen, Henry Otgaar, and Harald Merckelbach; 7. Dissociation Steven Jay Lynn, Fiona Sleight, Craig P. Polizzi, Damla Aksen, Lawrence Patihis, Henry Otgaar and Olivier Dodier; 8. Pain Harriet Hall; 9. Eating issues Jamie Loor, Jennifer Battles, Brooke L. Bennett, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, and Danae L. Hudson; 10. Insomnia Colleen E. Carney, Parky H. Lau and Samlau Kutana; 11. Sexual issues Caroline F. Pukall; 12. Substance use and addiction Jonathan N. Stea, Igor Yakovenko, Hyoun S. Kim, and David C. Hodgins; 13. Significant cognitive decline Claudia Drossel and Jacqueline Pachis; 14. Antisocial behavior Devon L. L. Polaschek; 15. Personality Joel Paris; 16. Psychosis and schizophrenia Brandon A. Gaudiano, Katherine Visser and Elizabeth Thompson; 17. Autism spectrum and intellectual disability Jason C. Travers; 18. Inattention and hyperactivity J. Russell Ramsay; 19. Tics Kirsten Bootes, Brianna Wellen, Emily Braley and Michael B Himle; 20. Couples discord Erin F. Alexander and Matthew D. Johnson; Postscript : Scientific skepticism resources Stephen Hupp; Index.
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