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Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat

Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat

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Behavior Problems of the Dog & Cat, 4th Edition retains the highly practical approach that has proved so successful in previous editions, offering diagnostic guidelines, preventive advice, treatment guidelines and charts, case examples, client forms and handouts, and product and resource suggestions, along with details on the use of drugs and natural supplements to help optimize the behavior services offered in practice.

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  • 1 Behavior Medicine and the General Practitioner Amy Learn

    2 Development, social and communicative behavior Ashley Elzerman

    3 Pet Selection and the genetics of behavior Lowell Ackerman

    4 Pets and the Family Dynamic Emily Levine

    5 Prevention: the best medicine Andrea Tu

    6 All body systems affect behavior Alison Gerken

    7 Physiologic Stress and its Effect on Health & Welfare Melissa Bain

    8 The effects of aging on behavior in senior pets Shana Gilbert Gregory

    9 Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Lisa Radosta

    10 Treatment - Behavior modification techniques Lore Haug

    11 Treatment-Pharmacologic intervention Leticia Dantas

    12 Treatment-Complementary and alternative therapy Megan Petroff

    13 Feeding and diet-related problems Meaghan Ropski

    14 Anxiety, fear and phobia Carlo Siracusa

    15 Noise Aversion Kelly Ballantyne

    16 Reducing Fear, Anxiety and Stress in Veterinary Visits Amy Learn

    17 Separation Related Disorders Ariel Fagen

    18 Sterotypic and compulsive disorders Colleen Koch

    19 Unruly and destructive behaviors - Canine Wailani Sung

    20 Unruly and destructive behaviors - Feline Krista Sirois

    21 Housesoiling - Canine Valarie Tynes

    22 Housesoiling - Feline Alison Gerken

    23 Aggression - Canine Lisa Radosta

    24 Aggression - Feline Krista Sirois

    25 Problem behaviour an evidence based approach based on neuropsychobiology Daniel Mills

    Appendix A - List of Handouts and Forms Team

    Appendix B - Behavior Resources Team

    Appendix C - Printed versions of Handouts and Forms Team

    Appendix D - Drug Dosages Team

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