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Rich's Vascular Trauma

Rich's Vascular Trauma

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For more than 40 years, Richs Vascular Trauma has been surgeons #1 reference for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular injury in both civilian and military settings across the globe. Published in association with the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS),the fully updated 4th Edition reflects recent changes in vascular injury patterns, wounds, and trauma care, drawing from current research and a wide variety of peer-reviewed publications to keep you up to date with the latest evidence-based management strategies and techniques. Written and edited by vascular surgeons who are also trauma specialists-civilian and military experts who have proficiency in both open-surgical and endovascular techniques-this must-have reference offers a global perspective on every aspect of the broad spectrum of vascular trauma.
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hard cover
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  • 1      The Vascular Injury Legacy
    2      Epidemiology of Vascular Trauma
    3      Systems of Care in the Management of Vascular Injury
    4      Training Paradigms for Vascular Trauma
    5       Prehospital Management of Vascular Injury
    6       Damage Control and Immediate Resuscitation for Vascular Trauma
    7       Diagnosis of Vascular Injury
    8       Imaging for the Evaluation and Treatment of Vascular Trauma
    9       Endovascular Suites and the Emergency Vascular Service
    10     Stentgrafts, Coils and Plugs
    11     Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA)
    12     Endovascular Variable Aortic Control (EVAC)
    13     Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion (SAAP)
    14     Extracorporeal Systems for Injury and Shock
    15     Gathering the Evidence: Clinical Study of New Technologies
    16     Cardiac, Great Vessel, and Pulmonary Injuries
    17     Blunt Thoracic Aortic Injury
    18     Abdominal Aortic Trauma, Iliac and Visceral Vessel Injuries
    19     Inferior Vena Cava, Portal, and Mesenteric Venous Systems
    20     Neck and Thoracic Outlet
    21     Upper Extremity and Junctional Zone Injuries
    22     Lower Extremity Vascular Trauma
    23     Surgical Damage Control and Temporary Vascular Shunts
    24     Considerations for Conduit Repair of Vascular Injury
    25     Management of Pediatric Vascular Injury
    26     Soft-Tissue and Skeletal Wound Management in the Setting of Vascular Injury
    27     Vascular Surgery in the Austere Environment
    28     Australia and New Zealand
    29     Sri Lanka
    30     Croatia
    30     Finland
    31     Qatar
    31     Sweden
    32     Russia
    33     Serbia
    34     Israel
    35     South Africa
    36     Colombia
    37     Brazil
             Index and front matter
             Clinical Pearls
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