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Manual of Oocyte Retrieval and Preparation in Human Assisted Reproduction

Manual of Oocyte Retrieval and Preparation in Human Assisted Reproduction

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Obtaining good quality oocytes and preparing them for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a key stage in assisted reproduction. This is a complex process with many pitfalls, making good clinical preparation and laboratory technique essential for success. Illustrated throughout, this book will be valuable to clinical embryologists, laboratory personnel wishing to redefine or develop technique and improve outcomes, IVF quality managers, and gynecologists performing oocyte retrieval. Featuring descriptions of the underlying science along with practical advice on methods and trouble-shooting, this comprehensive manual will aid all those involved in this complex process of oocyte retrieval and preparation in navigating towards optimal outcomes.
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  • 1. The ovary:: A general overview of follicle formation and development Mark A. Fenwick; 2. Monitoring of ovarian stimulation Lewis Nancarrow and Andrew Drakely; 3. Theatre design, equipment and consumables for oocyte retrieval Lukasz Polanski and Alka Prakash; 4. Conscious sedation and analgesia for oocyte retrieval Jennifer M. Ulyatt and Sarah J. Martins da Silva; 5. Practical clinical aspects of oocyte retrieval Peter I. Kerecsenyi and Raj Mathur; 6. Challenges during oocyte retrieval Stephen Davies and Mostafa Metwally; 7. Complications of oocyte retrieval Hajeb Kamali and Valentine Akande; 8. The nurses role during oocyte retrieval Alison McTavish; 9. Laboratory design, equipment and consumables required for oocyte retrieval Stephen Harbottle; 10. Quality management requirements for oocyte collection Lucy Wood and Rachel Cutting; 11. Morphological assessment of oocyte quality Basak Balaban, ?pek Keles and Thomas Ebner; 12. Oocyte preparation for conventional in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection Bryan Woodward; 13. Oocyte retrieval:: The patients perspective Kate Brian.
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