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Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders

Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues

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Sex Offenders, 2nd Edition, offers the most up-to-date research involving the treatment and management of paraphilic and non-paraphilic sex offenders with and without comorbid mental illness or intellectual disability. Providing in-depth coverage on issues related to identification, risk assessment and management, treatment, and legal solutions, this volume seeks to ensure public safety while at the same time maintaining medical integrity and respect for due process. The SecondEdition newly addresses LGBTQ issues as well as new categories of risk potentially unaddressed by changing sex offender registry laws. Bringing together the foremost international and interdisciplinary authors and perspectives on the topics, this book is intended for psychiatrists, clinicalpsychologists, and researchers who work with sex offenders, as well as attorneys, members of the judiciary, and policymakers.
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  • Part I:: Introduction; 1. Perspectives on Sex and Normality; Barbara Burton, Peter J. Fagan, and Fabian M. Saleh; 2. Phenomenology of Paraphilia:: Lovemap Theory; Gregory K. Lehne; Part II:: Neurobiology/Neuropsychology; 3. Neuropsychological Findings in Sexual Offenders; Anik Gosselin and Kristin White; 4. The Neurobiology of Sexual Behavior and the Paraphilias; Fabian M. Saleh, John M. Bradford, Jacob Taylor, and J. Paul Fedoroff; Part III:: Diagnosis and Assessment; 5. Violence Risk Assessment; Debra A. Pinals, Chad E. Tillbrook, and Denise L. Mumley; 6. The Use of Risk Assessment Instruments for Sex Offenders; Mini Mamak, Aaron Prosser, Gina M. Vincent, Shannon M. Maney, and Stephen D. Hart; 7. Sexual Offender Recidivism; John M. Bradford, Gary Chaimowitz, Giovana Levin, and Andrew Olagunju; 8. Laboratory Measurement of Penile Response in the Assessment of Sexual Interest; Lisa Murphy, John M. Bradford, and J. Paul Fedoroff; 9. Visual Reaction Time:: Development, Theory, Empirical Evidence, and Beyond; Gene G. Abel, Markus Wiegel, and John M. Bradford; 10. Mental Illness and Sex Offending; Fabian M. Saleh, Fred S. Berlin, and H. Martin Malin; 11. The Assessment of Psychopathy and Response Styles in Sex Offenders; Emily D. Gottfried, Michael J. Vitacco, Richard Rogers, and Jeremy G. Gay; Part IV:: Treatment; 12. The Role of Personality Disorder in Sexual Offending; Roy J. OShaughnessy and Giovana Levin; 13. Psychological Treatment of Sexual Offenders; William L. Marshall, Liam E. Marshall, Geris A. Serran, and Matt D. OBrien; 14. Pharmacological Treatment of Paraphilic Sex Offenders; John M. Bradford and Fabian M. Saleh; 15. Orchiectomy; Richard B. Kreuger; Part V:: Juveniles; 16. Forensic Evaluations of Juvenile Sex Offenders; Charles L. Scott and Jorien Campbell; 17. Juvenile Sexual Offenders:: Epidemiology, Risk Management, and Treatment; Simone A. Obara and Fabian M. Saleh; Part VI:: Special Populations; 18. The Treatment of Sex Offenders:: An International Perspective; Paolo Giulini, Laura Emiletti, Francesca Garbarino, Andrea Scotti, John M. Bradford, Jan Looman, Fabian M. Saleh, and Daniel J. Brodsky; 19. Substance Abuse and Sexual Offending; Peer Briken, Yasemin Yamak, and Wolfgang Berner; 20. Female Sexual Offenders; Wolfgang Berner, Peer Briken, Andreas Hill, and Safiye Tozdan; 21. Professionals Who Are Accused of Sexual Boundary Violations; Stephen B. Levine and Candace B. Risen; 22. Boundary, Harassment, and the #MeToo Era; Helen M. Farrell and Fabian M. Saleh; 23. Evaluating LGBT Individuals Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses:: Forensic Considerations and Future Directions; Stephanie Tabashneck and Abigail M. Judge; 24. Child Pornography and the Internet:: Who Is Behind the Keyboard?; John M. Bradford, L. Alvin Malesky, Jr., Liam Ennis, Carmen L. Z. Gress, Daniel J. Brodsky, Abdullah H. Alqahtani, and Hira Safdar; 25. Sexual Abuse by Clergy; Graham Glancy, Michael Saini, and Kate Hardy; 26. Manifestations of Sexual Sadism:: Sexual Homicide, Sadistic Rape, and Necrophilia; Stephen J. Hucker; 27. Persons With Intellectual Disabilities Who Sexually Offend; Dorothy Griffiths and J. Paul Fedoroff; Part VII:: Forensic; 28. Sexually Offending Behaviors in the Elderly; Stephen J. Hucker and Jennie B. Davidow; 29. Forensic Considerations; Rusty Reeves and Richard Rosner; 30. Sexual Predator Laws and Their History; Daniel J. Brodsky; 31. Sex Offender Registries and Public Notification in the United States and Canada; Lisa Murphy, Justin Smith, Emily D. Gottfried, and Daniel J. Brodsky; 32. Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Sex Offenders; Paul Bryant, Alec Buchanan, and Howard Zonana; 33. Commentary; Fred S. Berlin;
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