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Handbook of Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Sexual and Gender Minorities

Handbook of Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Sexual and Gender Minorities

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Historically, mental health clinical research has taken inadequate account of psychosocial disorders experienced by those who identify as sexual and gender minorities, however, researchers have recently begun developing and adapting evidence-based mental health treatment approaches for use with these groups. Handbook of Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice with Sexual and Gender Minorities offers a comprehensive array of evidence-based approaches for treating sexual and gender minority clients mental health concerns. The interventions detailed here span a diverse spectrum of populations, including sexual and gender minority youth, transgender populations, same-sex couples, sexual minority parents, and bisexual individuals. Chapters also address numerous mental and behavioral healthproblems, including anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, trauma, body image disturbance, and sexual health. In addition to an overview of the research evidence supporting each clinical presentation and approach, chapters contain practical how-to guidance for therapists to use in their clinicalpractice. This book reflects a true integration of the best of sexual and gender minority research and the best of evidence-based practice research, presented by the leading experts in the field. As such it is essential reading for mental health professionals who work with these groups, as well as trainees in social work, counseling, and clinical psychology.
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  • Foreword; Contributor List; Section I. Background; Chapter 1:: The Scientific Pursuit of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health Treatments:: Historical Barriers and Future Promises; John E. Pachankis and Steven A. Safren; ; Section II. Evidence-Based Treatments for Specific Sexual and Gender Minority Populations; Chapter 2:: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Mental Health; Shelley L. Craig, Ashley Austin, and Edward J. Alessi; Chapter 3:: Evidence-Based Approaches for Sexual Health and Substance Use Problems in Sexual and Gender Minority Youth; Michael E. Newcomb and Brian A. Feinstein; Chapter 4:: Transgender Affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Ashley Austin and Shelley L. Craig; Chapter 5:: Couple Interventions for Same-Sex Couples; Christopher A. Pepping, W. Kim Halford, and Anthony Lyons; Chapter 6:: Sexual Minority Parent Families:: Research and Implications for Parenting Interventions; Abbie E. Goldberg, Reihonna Frost, and Nestor Noyola; Chapter 7:: Affirmative Mental Health Practice with Bisexual Clients:: Evidence-Based Strategies; Andrew Young Choi and Tania Israel; ; Section III. Evidence-Based Treatments for Specific Mental Health Problems Among Sexual and Gender Minority Clients; Chapter 8:: Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:: Evidence-Based Considerations for Affirmative Services for Sexual Minority Clients; Natalie R. Holt, Allura L. Ralston, and Debra A. Hope; Chapter 9:: Evidence-Based Approaches for Treating Depression Among Sexual and Gender Minority Clients; Christopher R. Martell; Chapter 10:: Evidence-Based Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Treatment with Sexual and Gender Minorities; Adam W. Carrico, Walter Gomez, and Cathy J. Reback; Chapter 11:: Application of Evidence-Based Practices for Trauma-Related Disorders Among Sexual Minority Women; Debra Kaysen, Keren Lehavot, and Emily R. Dworkin; Chapter 12:: An Evidence-Based Approach to Conceptualizing Trauma Responses Among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Adults; Jillian C. Shipherd, Sarah E. Valentine, and Julie Woulfe; Chapter 13:: Evidence-Based Practice for the Prevention and Treatment of Body Image Disturbance and Eating Pathology in Sexual Minority Men; Aaron J. Blashill, Tiffany Brown, and Patrycja Klimek; Chapter 14:: Sexual Health Interventions for HIV-Negative Sexual Minority Men; Trevor A. Hart, Julia R. G. Vernon, and Nathan Grant Smith; Chapter 15:: Evidence-Based Approaches to HIV-Positive Sexual Minority Mens Sexual Health; Audrey Harkness and Steven A. Safren; Section IV. Evidence-based Treatments for Sexual and Gender Minorities Using Novel Modalities; Chapter 16:: Group-Based Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies with Sexual Minority Clients; Jeffrey M. Cohen and Michelle G. Newman; Chapter 17:: Acceptance, Vulnerability, and Compassion:: Contextual Behavioral Approaches for Sexual and Gender Minority Clients; Matthew D. Skinta, Brandon Hoeflein, and Danny Ryu; Chapter 18:: Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicidality Among Sexual and Gender Minority Individuals; David W. Pantalone, Colleen A. Sloan, and Adam Carmel; Chapter 19:: Relationship-Focused Therapy for Sexual and Gender Minority Individuals and Their Parents; Gary M. Diamond, Rotem Boruchovitz-Zamir, Inbal Gat, and Ofir Nir-Gottlieb; Chapter 20:: Transdiagnostic Approaches to Improve Sexual Minority Individuals Co-Occurring Mental, Behavioral, and Sexual Health; Craig Rodriguez-Seijas, Charles L. Burton, and John E. Pachankis; ; Index;
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