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The Sjögren's Book

The Sjögren's Book

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Afflicting one in 83 Americans, Sjögrens is a serious and systemic autoimmune disease that, along with symptoms of extensive oral and ocular dryness, can lead to other serious complications including profound fatigue, chronic pain, major organ involvement, neuropathies and lymphoma. While there is no cure for Sjögrens, approaches exist to help manage and treat aspects of the disease, and this revised handbook offers everything readers need to understand and cope withtheir diagnosis.The Sjögrens Book, Fifth Edition is a comprehensive and authoritative guide, produced by the Sjögrens Foundation and its medical advisors and edited by a leading authority on autoimmune disorders. This expanded edition provides readers with the best medical and practical information on this disease, bringing together current thinking about Sjögrens in an easily readable and understandable book and providing important new content on areas not covered in previouseditions. With more than fifty chapters written by leading experts, this handbook illuminates the major clinical aspects of the disease and is loaded with practical tips and advice as well as scientific advancements in the field. Indeed, it offers a wide-ranging look at the many faces of Sjögrens, covering diagnosis, the manyorgan systems that can be affected, emotional burden and management, treatment options, and hope for the future. Recognized as the bible for Sjögrens sufferers, this reliable and informative guide is the first place for patients to look when they have questions about this disabling disease. It is a valuable aid that patients can use while discussing their illness with their physician and an excellent resource for family members. Because Sjögrens is greatly underdiagnosed, this handbook is a particularly valuable resource for healthcare professionals.
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  • CONTENTS; Contributors; Introduction:: Why Write a Book on Sjögrens? by Daniel J. Wallace; PART ONE What is Sjögrens and Who is the Sjögrens Patient?; 1. The Sjögrens Foundation:: The Patients and Professionals Key Resource and Advocate; JANET E. CHURCH AND STEVEN TAYLOR; 2. What is Sjögrens?; FREDERICK B. VIVINO; 3. Who Develops Sjögrens?; CHRISTINE H. LEE AND DANIEL J. WALLACE; 4. The Impact of Living with Sjögrens; MATTHEW MAKARA; 5. The Cost of Living with Sjögrens; SIMON J. BOWMAN AND BENJAMIN FISHER; PART TWO The Science of Sjögrens; 6. Sjögrens and the Immune System; ROBERT I. FOX AND STEVEN E. CARSONS; 7. Environmental Effects; JEFFREY W. WILSON, PETER OLSSON AND THOMAS MANDL; 8. Genetics and Sjögrens; KATHY L. SIVILS; 9. The Gut Microbiome and Sjögrens; ANAT GALOR, KARA M CAVUOTO AND SANTANU BANERJEE; 10. Causes of Exocrine Gland Dysfunction in Sjögrens; EFSTATHIA K. KAPSOGEORGOU, MICHAEL VOULGARELIS AND ATHANASIOS G. TZIOUFAS; PART THREE How is the Body Affected?; 11. Diagnosis of Fatigue; DANIEL J. WALLACE, RICHA MISHRA AND FREDERICK B. VIVINO; 12. Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Sjögrens; DONALD E. THOMAS JR; 13. Sjögrens and Central Nervous System Disorders; ARUN VARADHACHARY; 14. The Internal Organs in Sjögrens; R. HAL SCOFIELD, FOTINI C. SOLIOTIS, STUART S. KASSAN AND HARALAMPOS M. MOUTSOPOULOS; 15. The Dry Mouth; AVA J. WU AND TROY E. DANIELS; 16. The Dry Eye; CINTIA S. DE PAIVA, ABHA GULATI, REZA DANA AND GARY N. FOULKS; PART FOUR Diagnosis; 17. Diagnostic and Classification Criteria for Sjögrens; MATTHEW MAKARA; 18. Laboratory Tests; ALAN N. BAER; 19. Assessing the Salivary Gland Component in Sjögrens:: Biopsy & Imaging; MALIN V. JONSSON, KATHRINE SKARSTEIN AND CHIARA BALDINI; 20. The Difficult-to-Diagnose Sjögrens Patient; ASTRID RASMUSSEN; 21. Diseases Associated with Sjögrens; JANET LEWIS AND FREDERICK B. VIVINO; 22. Childhood Sjögrens; SCOTT M. LIEBERMAN, SARA STERN AND JAY MEHTA; PART FIVE Managing Sjögrens; 23. Management of Dry Eye; PETER DONSHIK; 24. Management of Dry Mouth; VIDYA SANKAR; 25. Management of Other Sicca Symptoms:: Dry Ears, Nose & Sinuses; SOO KIM ABBOUD AND LEILA M. HADDAD; 26. Vaginal Dryness in Sjögrens; JOLIEN F. VAN NIMWEGAN AND RITA MELKONIAN; 27. Management of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain; LAN CHEN; 28. Management of Pulmonary Complications in Sjögrens; AUGUSTINE LEE; 29. Management of Peripheral Nervous System Complications in Sjögrens; SHALINI MAHAJAN AND DANIEL J. WALLACE; 30. Central Nervous System Complications in Sjögrens; PANTELIS P. PAVLAKIS, THERESA LAWRENCE FORD, JANET LEWIS, SHALINI MAHAJAN, STEVEN MANDEL AND DANIEL J. WALLACE; 31. Cognitive Dysfunction and Central Nervous System Involvement in Sjögrens; EDWARD MAITZ AND STEPHEN MAITZ; 32. Managing Fatigue; NANCY CARTERON; 33. Depression and Anxiety in Sjögrens; VALERIE G. LOEHR AND E. SHERWOOD BROWN; 34. Gastrointestinal Manifestations in Sjögrens; KATERINA SHETLER; 35. Gynecological and Urological Aspects of Sjögrens; RITA MELKONIAN; 36. Vasculitis in Sjögrens; GHAITH NOAISEH; 37. Lymphoma and Other Cancer in Sjögrens; KIERON DUNLEAVY & KATHERINE M. HAMMITT; 38. Hepatic and Pancreatic Involvement in Sjögrens; CHADWICK R. JOHR; 39. Kidney-Associated Involvement in Sjögrens; DANIEL J. WALLACE; 40. Complementary, Alternative & Integrative Approaches to Health; MATTHEW MAKARA; 41. Vitamin D and Sjögrens; JEFFREY W. WILSON; PART SIX Taking Charge of Your Sjögrens; 42. Sjögrens:: The Self and Others; TERI P. RUMPF AND LYNN C. EPSTEIN; 43. Enhancing Resilience Through Mind-Body Interactions; MARGARET BAIM; 44. Sleep Disorders; H. KENNETH FISHER AND DANIEL J. WALLACE; 45. Sex and Sjögrens; ANNE E. BURKE; 46. Vaccinations in Sjögrens; RICHARD BRASINGTON; 47. Disability; THOMAS D. SUTTON AND KATHERINE M. HAMMITT; PART SEVEN The Future; 48. Recent and Promising Scientific Developments; STEVEN E. CARSONS, MABI SINGH, NANCY MCNAMARA AND KATHERINE M. HAMMITT; 49. The Sjögrens Foundation Clinical Trials Consortium; THERESA LAWRENCE FORD; 50. Clinical Trials:: What they are, how to get Involved and the Current State in Sjögrens; MATTHEW MAKRA AND DANIEL J. WALLACE; 51. International Collaboration and the Information Technology that Fuels it:: Keys to a Brighter Future; KATHERINE M. HAMMITT;
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