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Marijuana and Madness

Marijuana and Madness

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An updated third edition of this award-winning book provides a comprehensive overview of the complex associations between cannabis and mental illness. Organised into easy to navigate sections, the book has been fully revised to feature eight entirely new chapters covering important novel aspects. Marijuana and Madness incorporates new research findings on the potential use of cannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids, in an array of mental illnesses, balanced against the potential adverse effects. The associations between cannabis and psychosis, developing putative models of cannabis induced psychosis and pathways to schizophrenia are all covered. The book importantly discusses the impact of exposure to cannabis at various stages of neurodevelopment (in utero, in childhood, and during adolescence) and it thoroughly reviews the treatments for cannabis dependence and health policy implications of the availability of increasingly high potency cannabis. This book will quickly become an essential resource for all members of the mental health team.
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  • Part I. Pharmacology of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System: 1. How cannabis works in the brain Ken Mackie; 2. The function of the endocannabinoid system Nathan D. Winters and Sachin Patel; 3. Synthetic cannabinoids Liana Fattore and Matteo Marti; Part II. The Changing Face of Cannabis: 4. The epidemiology of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder Deborah Hasin; 5. Is cannabis becoming more potent? Tom P. Freeman and Sam Craft; 6. Policy implications of the evidence on cannabis use and psychosis Wayne Hall and Louisa Degenhardt; Part III. Cannabis and the Brain: 7. The impact of pubertal exposure to cannabis on the brain: a focus on animal studies Erica Zemberletti and Tiziana Rubino; 8. The impact of cannabis exposure on the adolescent brain: humans studies and translational insights Jacqueline-Marie Ferland, Alexandra Chisholm and Yasmin L. Hurd; 9. Cannabis and cognition: an update on short- and long-term effects Lisa-Marie Greenwood, Valentina Lorenzetti and Nadia Solowij; 10. Is there a cannabis-associated psychosis subtype? Lessons from biological typing in the b-snip project, and implications for treatment Godfrey Pearlson and Matcheri S. Keshavan; Part IV. Cannabis, Anxiety and Mood: 11. Cannabis and anxiety Grace Lethbridge, Beth Patterson and Michael Van Ameringen; 12. Cannabis consumption and risk of depression and suicidal behaviour Gabriella Gobbi; 13. Cannabis and bipolar disorder Jairo Pinto and Mauren Leticia Ziak; Part V. Cannabis and Psychosis: 14. Cannabis and psychosis proneness Rajiv Radhakrishnan, Shubham Kamal, Sinan Guloksuz and Jim van Os; 15. Which cannabis users develop psychosis? Edoardo Spinazzola, Marta Di Forti and Robin M. Murray; 16. Cannabis causes positive, negative, cognitive symptoms and produces impairments in electrophysiological indices of information processing Ashley Martin-Schnakenberg, Mohini Ranganathan and D. Cyril DSouza; Part VI. Cannabinoids and Schizophrenia: Aetiopathology and Treatment Implications: 17. Does cannabis cause schizophrenia? Emmet Power, Colm Healy, Robin M. Murray and Mary Cannon; 18. Postmortem studies of the brain cannabinoid system in schizophrenia Suresh Sundram, Brian Dean and David Copolov; 19. The endocannabinoid system in schizophrenia Paul Morrison; 20. Cannabidiol as a potential antipsychotic F. Markus Leweke and Cathrin Rohleder; 21. Genetic explanations for the association between cannabis and schizophrenia Sarah M. Colbert and Emma Johnson; Part VII. Cannabis and its Impact on Schizophrenia: 22. Acute effects of cannabinoids in people with a psychotic illness Suhas Ganesh, Cecile Henquet, R. Andrew Sewell, Rebecca Kuepper, Mohini Ranganathan and Deepak Cyril DSouza; 23. Cannabis and the long-term course of schizophrenia Tabea SchoeleR; 24. Treating cannabis use in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders Alexandria S. Coles, Ashley E Kivlichian, David J. Castle and Tony P. George; Part VIII. Special Topics: 25. Prenatal cannabis exposure: associations with development and behavior Sarah E. Paul, Cynthia E. Rogers and Ryan Bogdan; 26. Cannabis use and violence Giulia Trotta, Paolo Marino, Victoria Rodriguez, Robin M. Murray and Evangelos Vassos; 27. Cannabis withdrawal Jane Metrik and Kayleigh McCarty; 28. Cannabis and addiction Valerie Curran, Will Lawn and Tom P. Freeman; 29. Tobacco use among cannabis users: insights into co-use and why it matters for people with psychosis Rachel A. Rabin, Erin A. McClure and Tony P. George; 30. Cannabis addiction genetics Suhas Ganesh and Arpana Agrawal; 31. Snoozing on pot: cannabis and sleep Patrick D. Skosnik and Toral S. Surti; 32. Cannabinoids as medicines: what the evidence says and what it does not say Marco De Toffol, Elena Dragioti, Andre Ferrer Carvalho, and Marco Solmi.
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