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Geriatric Psychiatry

Geriatric Psychiatry

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Part of the What Do I Do Now? Psychiatry series, Geriatric Psychiatry offers comprehensive expertise for clinicians seeking answers for how to manage complex situations in geriatric psychiatry, with a focus on individuals with Alzheimers disease and other neurocognitive disorders. This volume addresses conditions common to all psychiatric settings as well as features that must be factored into diagnosis and treatment in later life for anxiety, depression, psychosis,apathy, and agitation. Chapters feature brief clinical case vignettes and further resources for topics in neurocognitive disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and substance use in elderly patients.An authoritative guide for clinicians facing an aging population, Geriatric Psychiatry provides clear answers to some of the most complex situations in geriatric psychiatric care.
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  • Preface; PART I:: ASSESSING THE GERIATRIC PATIENT; Chapter 1:: Whats Happening to Me?; Cindy Marshall, MD, and Mary Quiceno, MD; Chapter 2:: Body, Brain and Where the Two Meet; Dustin Z Nowaskie, MD, Carol Chan, MD, Sophia Wang, MD; Chapter 3:: Mental Status in the Moment; Zelde Espinel, MD, MA, MPH and Elizabeth A. Crocco, MD; Chapter 4:: Cognitive Screens Short and Sweet, and When More is Needed; Kelly L. Konopacki, PhD, and Sara L. Weisenbach, PhD, ABPP; Chapter 5:: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words; Brandon Yarns, MD, and Aaron Greene, MD; Chapter 6:: Whats Normal and Whats Not? Putting It All Together; Sophiya Benjamin, MD, Joanne Ho, MD, and Saumil Dholakia, MD; PART II:: NEUROCOGNITIVE DISORDERS; Chapter 7:: Am I Losing My Mind?; Angela M. Kristan, MD, and Elizabeth J. Santos, MD, MPH; Chapter 8:: I Cant Remember What Just Happened; Michael Li, MD, and Erica Garcia-Pittman, MD; Chapter 9:: He Became a Different Person Practically Overnight; Matthew E. Kern, MD, Jessica Stovall, MD, and Prasad R. Padala, MD, MS; Chapter 10:: The Man Who Mistook the Trash for His Dog; David Merril, MD, and Melita Petrossian, MD ; Chapter 11:: Suddenly Carefree and Careless; Anil Vatsavayi, MD; Chapter 12:: A Telling Triad of Symptoms; Fanny Huynh Du, MD, Robert Hess, MD, and Steve Huege, MD; PART III:: ANXIETY DISORDERS; Chapter 13:: Im Always Afraid; Maria Rueda-Lara, MD, and Elizabeth A. Crocco, MD; Chapter 14:: I Felt as Though I Was About to Die; Rachel Zack Ishikawa, PhD, MPH, and Feyza Marouf, MD ; Chapter 15:: I Cant Get Those Thoughts Out Of My Head; Kayla Vardi, MD; Chapter 16:: Every Reminder Throws Me Off; Azziza Bankole, MD; PART IV:: MOOD DISORDERS; Chapter 17:: To Switch or To Augment:: That is the Question; Marie Anne Gebara, MD, and Jordan F. Karp, MD ; Chapter 18:: Expecting the Expected; Susan W. Lehmann, MD; Chapter 19:: Life Is Not Worth Living; Ali Asghar-Ali, MD, and Richa Lavingia, MPH ; Chapter 20:: Withering Away; Mario Fahed, MD, and Kristina Zdanys, MD; Chapter 21:: Sad or Just Unconcerned?; Jennifer Junko Holiman, APRN, Kathryn Kieran, APRN, and Caroline S. Bader, MD; PART V:: PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS; Chapter 22:: Its Like She Lost Her Mind Overnight; Kripa Balaram, MD, Deena J. Tampi, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN, and Rajesh R. Tampi, MD; Chapter 23:: She Thinks Im Someone Else; Silpa Balachandran, MD, Deena J. Tampi, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN, and Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS ; Chapter 24:: He Is Frightened of Things That He Sees; Arshiya Syeda Farheen, MD, Deena J. Tampi, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN, and Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS; Chapter 25:: Suspicious Neighbors; Michael Reinhardt, MD ; Chapter 26:: I Live With These Voices; Tarek K. Rajji, MD, FRPCP; PART VI:: OTHER DISORDERS; Chapter 27:: Its Just a Nightcap; Luminita Luca, MD, PhD, and Elizabeth A. Crocco, MD; Chapter 28:: No One Can Work with Her; Marc Agronin, MD; Chapter 29:: Trustworthy or Not?; Karen Reimers, MD; Chapter 30:: Wired and Ready; Kathryn Kieran, APRN, and Ipsit V. Vahia, MD;
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