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Recipe for Survival: What You Can Do to Live a Healthier and More Environmentally Friendly Life

Recipe for Survival: What You Can Do to Live a Healthier and More Environmentally Friendly Life

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What can you do to improve your health and at the same time improve the health of our home planet? Do you want to be a healthier and more sustainable consumer? In this straightforward, easy-to-understand and entertaining book, dietitian and environmentalist Dr. Dana Ellis Hunnes outlines the actions we can all take. Many people feel overwhelmed by the scope of climate change and believe that only large, sweeping changes will make any difference. Yet the choices we make every day can have effects on climate change, the oceans, the land, and other species. This book outlines the problems we are facing, and then presents ideas or recipes to empower us, to help us all make a difference. Recipe For Survival provides the guidance that you can use right now to improve your health, your familys health, and the health of the environment simultaneously.
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  • Part I. 1. Agriculture is a Major Driver of Climate Change (and Disease); 2. Politics and Dietary Guidelines, Two Major Problems; 3. Overfishing:: There is No Such Thing as Sustainable Fish; 4. Plastic, Its Whats for Dinner; 5. Environmental Exploitation; 6. Species Exploitation for Entertainment; 7. The Positives - Examples of the Good Being Done Around the World; Part II:: 8. Protecting Earth - One Recipe at a Time - An Introduction; 9. Epilogue:: Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways; Appendix:: Recipes You Can Use; References; Index.
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