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Handbook of Applied Health Economics in Vaccines

Handbook of Applied Health Economics in Vaccines

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Applying economics to vaccine delivery can save money and lives. With better analytical knowledge and better skills in decision-analysis, decision makers can improve vaccination program sustainability, efficiency, and financial predictability, leading to overall improvement in health system allocative efficiency. This handbook is a practical and accessible guide to the theory, methods, and research of health economics applied to immunization, and an essential and timely addition to the series of Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation. By bringing these principles of vaccines and economics together, it is a valuable resource for public health workers, healthcare practitioners, educators, students, researchers, decision makers, and all those working in the immunization field. The handbook guides readersthrough this critical subject, whether they are already versed in economics or new to the subject. The handbook includes practical examples relevant to high-, middle-, and low-income settings. It offers background information on vaccines and the vaccine landscape, with relevant reviews of vaccine financing, vaccine adoption, and scaling up vaccine delivery. The handbooks main chapters are on principles, costing, economic evaluation, advanced methods, and financing and resource tracking. Summarizing both theory and applications, it is suitable for self-learning and for training and courses.Links to online exercises and resources will help readers learn and apply key insights.
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OUP Oxford

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  • 1. Principles of vaccine economics; Chapter introduction; Introduction to global vaccine systems; Relevance of health economics to vaccines; Cost of finding and making vaccines: implications for immunization programs; Vaccination as investment in human capital; Economics of vaccine delivery; 2. Estimating the cost of immunization services; Chapter introduction; Why costing studies are needed; Defining immunization costs; Designing a primary costing study or analysis; Data analysis; Costing new vaccine introduction; 3. Economic evaluation of vaccines and vaccine programs; Chapter introduction; Overview of decision analysis and cost-effectiveness; Defining the scope and study design of cost-effectiveness analysis; Parameter estimation; Measuring and valuing health outcomes; Reporting and interpreting results of economic evaluation; Budget impact analysis and return on investment; Introduction to decision tree modeling; 4. Advanced methods in economic evaluation; Chapter introduction; Introduction to Markov modeling; Static and dynamic modeling; Probabilistic sensitivity analysis and value of information analysis; Economic evaluation reference case with Markov model; 5. Financing and resource tracking of vaccination Pprograms; Chapter introduction; Introduction to immunization financing and expenditure; Financing of immunization programs; Donor architecture for immunization financing; Appendices; EXERCISE: A CASE-STUDY ON ESTIMATING THE TOTAL AND UNIT ROUTINE IMMUNIZATION COSTS FROM THE FACILITY TO THE NATIONAL LEVEL; EXERCISE: ESTIMATING NEW VACCINE INTRODUCTION COSTS; IMMUNIZATION ACTIVITIES AND LINE ITEM COSTS; MARKOV DECISION PROCESSES (MDPS); DERIVATION OF THE ANNUAL EXPECTED COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE INFECTED STATE; MAKING MODELS PROBABILISTIC AND ESTIMATING THE VALUE OF INFORMATION;
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