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Atlas of Reconstructive Surgery: A Case-Based Approach

Atlas of Reconstructive Surgery: A Case-Based Approach

A Case-Based Approach

publication date: 2023-06-26
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Written by the worlds leading authority in the field, Atlas of Reconstructive Surgery:: A Case-Based Approach offers a case-based, highly illustrated approach to optimizing care for the reconstructive surgery patient. Dr. Lee L.Q. Pu invites you to learn from real cases that he has worked on throughout his years of surgical practice, providing detailed content on each case in an easy-to-follow, templated format. Superb illustrations, before and after case photos, and operative videos help you visualize exactly how Dr. Pu achieves improved outcomes for each patient.
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Data sheet

Publication date
Issue number
hard cover
Pages count
Dimensions (mm)
216 x 276
Weight (g)
  • Section 1- Head and Neck

  • Scalp Reconstruction (5)

Upper Facial Reconstruction (1)

Middle Facial Reconstruction (3)

Intra-oral Reconstruction (2)

Lower Facial Reconstruction (1)

Eyelid Reconstruction (1)

Ear Reconstruction (2)

Nasal Reconstruction (1)

Lip Reconstruction (2)

Complex Facial Reconstruction after Trauma (3)

Anterior Neck Reconstruction (1)

Lateral Neck Reconstruction (2)

Posterior Neck Reconstruction (1)

Section 2- Shoulder and Upper Extremity

Shoulder Reconstruction (1)

Axillary Reconstruction (1)

Upper Arm Reconstruction (2)

Elbow Reconstruction (1)

Forearm Reconstruction (1)

Dorsal Hand Reconstruction (1)

Palmar Hand Reconstruction (1)

Section 3- Chest, Abdomen, and Back

Sternal Reconstruction (2)

Lateral Chest Reconstruction (2)

Lower Chest Reconstruction (1)

Intra-thoracic Reconstruction (2)

Esophageal Reconstruction (4)

Upper Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (1)

Lower Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (1)

Upper Back Reconstruction (2)

Middle Back Reconstruction (1)

Lower Back Reconstruction (3)

Section 4- Pelvis, Groin, Sacrum, Buttock, Perineum and Genitals

Pelvic Reconstruction (2)

Groin Reconstruction (2)

Sacral Reconstruction (2)

Buttock Reconstruction (2)

Perineal Reconstruction (1)

Vulvar Reconstruction (1)

Vaginal Reconstruction (1)

Penile Reconstruction (1)

Scrotal Reconstruction (1)

Section 4- Lower Extremity

Upper Thigh Reconstruction (3)

Lower Thigh Reconstruction (2)

Knee Reconstruction (4)

Upper 3rd Leg Reconstruction (3)

Middle 3rd Leg Reconstruction (5)

Lower 1/3rd Leg Reconstruction- Local Flaps (5)

Lower 1/3rd Leg Reconstruction- Free Flaps (5)

Complex Leg Reconstruction (5)

Ankle Reconstruction (4)

Complex Ankle Reconstruction (1)

Heel Reconstruction (3)

Foot Reconstruction (5)

Complex Foot Reconstruction (1)

Format for Each Case Demonstration

Clinical Presentation

Operative Plan and Special Considerations (May need schematic diagrams)

Operative Procedures (May need schematic diagrams)

Step-by-step intra-op photos to demonstrate my technique for the case

Management of Complications if any

Follow-up Results

Final Outcome

Pearls for Success

References (5-10)
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