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Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast

Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast

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The dynamic field of oncoplastic breast surgery seeks to combine the goals of both oncology and plastic surgery, utilizing recent innovations and new techniques to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast, 2nd Edition, offers fully revised content, new expert contributors, and up-to-date instructional videos to keep you current with todays best approaches to aesthetic closure of the breast after tumor removal. International authorities in breast and plastic surgery cover everything from indications and patient selection to the techniques and allied issues related to breast tumor surgery, including oncoplastic reduction, mammaplasty, mastectomy with nipple areolar preservation, perforator flaps, and effects of radiation therapy, as well as complications and controversies.

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  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Getting Started

    1. Introduction to Oncoplastic Surgery

    2. Safety and Oncologic Considerations of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    3. Indications and Patient Selection for Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    4. Oncoplasty versus Mastectomy: Decisions and Outcomes

    5. Breast Surgeons Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    6. Plastic Surgeons Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Surgical Techniques

    7. Overview of Volume Displacement and Replacement Techniques

    8. Reduction Mammaplasty Techniques

    9. Mastopexy Techniques

    10. Local Flap Techniques

    11. Free Flap Techniques

    12. Breast Augmentation Technique (biplanar)

    13. Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Using A 3-Dimensional Absorbent Coil

    14. Lipofilling and Oncoplasty

    15. Extreme Oncoplasty

    16. Oncoplastic Variations Based on Tumor Location

    Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Outcomes

    17. Complications of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    18. Local Recurrence and Reconstructive Options Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    19. Surveillance and Imaging following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    20. Radiation Therapy Considerations and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

    21. Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

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