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Pediatric Emergency Radiology

Pediatric Emergency Radiology

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Part of the What Do I Do Now?:: Emergency Medicine series, Pediatric Emergency Radiology uses a case-based approach to cover common and important topics in radiology imaging for pediatric emergency care. Each chapter provides a discussion of the diagnosis, key points to remember, and selected references for further reading. Areas of controversy are clearly delineated with a discussion regarding evidence-based options and a balanced view of treatment and dispositiondecisions. The book addresses a wide range of topics including neonatal respiratory distress, foreign body ingestion, Bronchiolitis, and related radiology issues faced by emergency medicine providers and pediatricians. Pediatric Emergency Radiology is an engaging collection of thought-provoking cases which clinicians can utilize for effective imaging of pediatric patients. The volume is also a self-assessment tool that tests the readers ability to answer the question, What do I do now?
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  • Chapter 1: Walking and Wheezing; Rajesh Krishnamurthy and Beth Bubolz; Chapter 2: Fast Breathing Baby; Ajay K. Puri, Mantosh S. Rattan, and Melissa A. McGuire; Chapter 3: Green Vomit...ewwww!!!; Esther Ro, Yamini Jadcherla, and Maegan S. Reynolds; Chapter 4: Whats That in the Diaper?; Maegan S. Reynolds, Yamini Jadcherla, and Esben Vogelius; Chapter 5: My Baby Wont Poop!; Yamini Jadcherla, Narendra Shet, and Maegan S. Reynolds; Chapter 6: Breathing Through a Straw; Gina Pizzitola, David Teng, and Peter Assaad; Chapter 7: Drooling, Drooling, Drooling All the Way Home; Brooke Lampl, Nkeiruka Orajiaka, and Meika Eby; Chapter 8: Burn Baby Burn; Cory Gotowka, Ailish Coblentz, and Michael Stoner; Chapter 9: To Wheeze or Not to Wheeze; Linda Vachon and Emily Rose; Chapter 10: I Thought They Fixed Me?; Gina Pizzitola, William Mak, and Rachelle Goldfisher; Chapter 11: Weebly, Wobbly; Meika Eby and Nkeiruka Orajiaka; Chapter 12: Extreme Extremity; Waroot S. Nimjareansuk and Jane S. Kim; Chapter 13: FOOSHING through the Snow...; David Fernandez, Bindu N. Setty, and Isabel A. Barata; Chapter 14: Sentinel Injuries: Its Whats Inside that Counts; Madeline Mineo, Summit Shah, Isabel A. Barata, and Dana Kaplan; Chapter 15: What a Pain in the Neck; Michael Sperandeo and Gayathri Sreedher; Chapter 16: Torticollis in a Child with Down Syndrome; Kristy Williamson and Rachelle Goldfisher; Chapter 17: Shouldnt this be Connected?; Joshua Rocker, William Sokoloff, and Anna Thomas; Chapter 18: Head First Into the Pool; Aaron McAllister and Kristol Das; Chapter 19: Pain in the Back; Deanna Margius, Sophia Gorgens, David Foster, and Srinivas S. Ganapathy; Chapter 20: Why is this Infant So Fussy?; Michelle Greene, Anna Thomas, and Berkeley Bennett; Chapter 21: Ripping Apart My Heart; Thomas P. Conway, George C. Koberlein, and Francesca M. Bullaro; Chapter 22: The Unlucky Hit!; McKenzie Montana, Robert L. Gates, and Zachary Burroughs; ; Index;
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