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Facial Deformities in Children

Facial Deformities in Children

Thirteen Life Changing Operations

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Gain an appreciation for the challenges that lie ahead for those with facial deformity. Using his own patients clinical photos and personal stories, Dr. Jeffrey Posnick takes us through surgical thinking and describes current techniques that are used to reconstruct children with conditions such as craniosynostosis, skull defects, congenital tumors, cleft lip and palate, and developmental and posttraumatic jaw, nasal, and ear deformities. The necessity of bold surgical innovation and a coordinated comprehensive approach to a childs facial reconstruction which often requires input from a spectrum of medical, surgical, and dental specialties and therapists becomes evident when visualizing the conditions described and reading through the chapters of this book. Written by Jeffrey C. Posnick, an internationally known expert in cranio-maxillofacial surgery, this reference includes a fully searchable digital version version with each print purchase.

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hard cover
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  • 1. Reconstruction of Isolated Craniosynostosis
    2. Reconstruction of Craniosynostosis Syndromes
    3. Reconstruction of Complex Facial Clefts
    4. Reconstruction of Skull Defects
    5. Removal of Congenital Tumors of the Face
    6. Otoplasty to Setback Protruding Ears
    7. Reconstruction of Developmental Jaw Deformities
    8. Cleft Lip and Palate Reconstruction
    9. Cleft Jaw & Cleft Nasal Reconstruction
    10. Reconstruction of Hemifacial Microsomia
    11. Reconstruction of Posttraumatic Jaw Deformities
    12. Reconstruction of Saddle Nose Deformities
    13. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
    Appendix A: Future Directions in the Field of Facial Reconstruction
    Appendix B: Final Thoughts
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