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Palliative and Serious Illness Patient Management for Physician Assistants

Palliative and Serious Illness Patient Management for Physician Assistants

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The first resource of its kind, Palliative and Serious Illness Patient Management for Physician Assistants provides a fundamental framework for physician assistants and physician associates to incorporate palliative care medicine, including end-of-life care, into their practice. The book focuses on pharmacologic and integrative medical therapeutic modalities, as well as the evaluation and treatment of special populations, which reflects the reality of a physicianassistants day-to-day job. It uses a patient-centered approach to address the comprehensive management of serious illness patients, as well as their designated families, significant others, caregivers, and health care providers. Chapters are organized into six sections that cover the essential aspects of care, symptommanagement, and transitioning care at the end-of-life. This book is ideal for physician assistant trainers (didactic or clinical), students, and practicing clinicians who seek to enhance their communication and medical skills in the treatment of all seriously illness patient populations in any specialty, and in the management of their symptoms at any stage of their disease or condition.
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  • Section 1:: Essential Aspects of Serious Illness Patient Care:: Structure and Processes; Chapter 1 The Physician Assistants Role in Palliative Care Medicine; Ruth Ballweg, Tonda Anderson, and Michael L. Powe; Chapter 2 Palliative Models of Care Delivery; Britni Lookabaugh and Charles von Gunten; Chapter 3 Evolution of the Palliative Team; Britni Lookabaugh and Charles von Gunten; Chapter 4 Whole-Person Assessment of the Patient; Betty Ferrell, Vanessa Battista and Ellen T. Friedmann; Chapter 5 Enhanced Communication Skills; Myra Glajchen and Christine Wilkins; Chapter 6 Decision-Making Toolkit; Jeffrey D. Myers; Section 2:: Spiritual, Religious, and Existential Aspects of Care; Chapter 7 Clinical Interprofessional Model of Spiritual Care:: Assessing for and Treating Spiritual Distress; Christina M. Puchalski; Chapter 8 Foundational Guidance in Grief and Bereavement; Jamie Beachy; Chapter 9 Caring for the Palliative Care Clinician:: Fostering Resilience; Jamie Beachy, Maureen J. Shelton, and Timothy Harrison; Section 3:: Illness Burden and Its Management:: Physical Aspects of Care; Chapter 10 Constitutional; Lara Desanti-Siska, Shawn Fellows, and Nicholas Polito; Chapter 11 Gastrointestinal; Kimberly Angelia Curseen, Denise Rizzolo, and Mark Deutchman; Chapter 12 Cardiopulmonary; Kimberly Angelia Curseen and Jabeen Taj; Chapter 13 Genitourinary Issues in Palliative Care; Min Ji Kim and Kimberson Tanco; Chapter 14 Assessment and Management of Pain; Russell K. Portenoy, Ebtesam Ahmed, and Calvin Krom; Chapter 15 Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Care; Scott A. Irwin, Jeremy Hirst, Manuel Trachsel, Chase Samsel, Joshua Briscoe, and Nicole Bates; Section 4:: Special Populations and Communities; Chapter 16 Pediatric Population; Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, Farah Khalid, and Noelle Noah; Chapter 17 Older Adult Population; Harry Strothers and Dipenkumar Patel; Chapter 18 LGBTQ Community; Diane Bruessow; Chapter 19 Patients With Substance Use Disorder; Hunter Woodall; Chapter 20 Veteran Population; Holly Pilewski; Chapter 21 Prisoners and Ex-Offenders Community; Catherine R. Judd and Marguerite R. Poreda; Section 5:: Care Transitions Including End of Life; Chapter 22 Withdrawal of Life Support; Richard Ackermann; Chapter 23 Last Days and Hours of Life; Richard Ackermann; Chapter 24 Transitions in Palliative and End-of-Life Care; Karl Steinberg and Michael Fratkin; Section 6:: Social, Cultural, and Legal Aspects of Care; Chapter 25 Family Stress:: Including Cultural Context; Denis Snow and Mary Ellen Lasala; Chapter 26 Ethical and Legal Issues:: Evaluation and Management; Bonnie K. Cole-Gifford and Kathlyn F. Wohlrabe;
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