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Part of the What Do I Do Now?:: Palliative Care series, Pain uses thought-provoking, real-world cases to illustrate concepts, approaches to therapy, and potential barriers to optimal care presented by a diverse panel of interdisciplinary authors. Pain is a frequent and distressing symptom encountered by those with serious or life-limiting illness and may present in a multitude of fashions and from a wide array of etiologies. This book intertwines pharmacologic, nonpharmacologic,and ethical principles of pain control within case-based discussions, allowing readers to expect::· Unique perspectives of pain control, from numerous essential members of the healthcare team;· An engaging collection of cases that illustrate the most current approaches to the most commonly encountered pain syndromes in palliative care;· Chapters that begin with cases and that utilize a conversational tone throughout, like a curb-side consult with a seasoned colleague.Consisting of 46 chapters that cover everything from antidepressants to cannabis, cultural competency to bone pain, this volume is also a self-assessment tool that tests the readers ability to answer the question, What do I do now?
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  • Contributors; 1 Pain Assessment in Palliative Care; Tanya J. Uritsky; 2 Pain in the Noncommunicative Adult; Claudia Z. Chou; 3 A Behavioral Approach to Pain Control; Dokyoung S. You; 4 Cultural Competence in Pain and Palliative Care; Noah Cooperstein and Jonathan Thoma; 5 Acupuncture for Analgesia; Noah Cooperstein and Jonathan Thoma; 6 Chiropractic Treatment of Cancer Pain; Brandon Daniels; 7 Scar Deactivation as an Alternative Treatment for Pain Control; Jennifer Farrell and Thomas M. Schelby; 8 Virtual Reality for Pain in Palliative Care; Lynn Nakad; 9 Selecting an NSAID; Julie Waldfogel; 10 Selecting the Antidepressant as an Adjuvant Analgesic; Tim Cruz; 11 Selecting the Anticonvulsant as an Adjuvant Analgesic; Zachary Macchi and Nathan Boehr; 12 Ketamine as an Analgesic Adjuvant in Palliative Care; Sandra Sacks and Ambereen K. Mehta; 13 Lidocaine as an Analgesic in Palliative Care; Jessica Geiger and Dharma Naidu; 14 Non- Opioid Analgesic Side Effects; Matthew D. Clark; 15 Cannabis for Pain Management in Palliative Care; Christopher M. Herndon and Tim Cruz; 16 Supplement Use in Pain Treatment; Jennifer L. Rosselli; 17 Choosing the Opioid; Michelle Krichbaum and Neil Miransky; 18 Methadone and Levorphanol; Amelia L. Persico, Erica L. Wegrzyn, and Jeffrey Fudin; 19 Mixed Agonist/ Antagonist Opioids in the Treatment of Pain; Amanda Mullins; 20 Opioid- Induced Constipation; Jayne Pawasauskas; 21 Opioid Side Effects:: Central Nervous System; Elise Fazio and Dominic Moore; 22 Non- Gastrointestinal/ Central Nervous System Side Effects of Opioid Analgesics; Gary Houchard and Justin Kullgren; 23 Myoclonic Jerking and Uncontrolled Pain in an Adult Hospice Patient; Sandra DiScala and Christine M. Vartan; 24 Opioid Conversion Calculations; Mary Lynn McPherson; 25 Treatment of Pain in Palliative Care with Co- Occurring Opioid Use Disorder; Amanda Mullins; 26 Radiopharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Pain in Palliative Care; Tanya J. Uritsky and Erin McMenamin; 27 Rectal Administration of Analgesics; Cara Brock and Patti Murray; 28 Epidural and Intrathecal Analgesia in Palliative Care; Theodore Pham Nguyen; 29 Palliative Sedation as a Means for Pain Control; L. Toledo- Franco, Jane E. Loitman, and Matthew D. Clark; 30 Bone Pain in Metastatic Disease:: NSAIDs and Corticosteroids; Michael A. Smith; 31 Bone- Directed Therapy for Metastatic Cancer; Keith A. Hecht; 32 Chemotherapy- Induced Peripheral Neuropathy; Rachel Caplan and Kate Brizzi; 33 Pain in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; Elyse A. Everett and Kate Brizzi; 34 Uremic Neuropathy; Stefanie Pina- Escudero; 35 Cancer Pain Syndromes; Daniel Paget; 36 Breakthrough Pain; Nathan Boehr and Zachary Macchi; 37 Abdominal Pain in Palliative Care; Dharma Naidu and John Hausdorff; 38 Pain Management in Calciphylaxis; Jennifer Ku; 39 Pain Management in Palliative Care for Infants; Alexis Dallara- Marsh and Sarah Ermer; 40 Pediatric Pain; Erinn Louttit and Jessica L. Spruit; 41 Pain Management in Liver Disease; Michelle Krichbaum and Maura Miller; 42 Pain Management in Chronic Kidney Disease; Scot Born, Ashley Unger, and Christopher M. Herndon; 43 Pain Management in Mechanically Ventilated Patients; Kourtney Engele; 44 Pain Management in Opioid- Tolerant Patients; Stephanie Abel; 45 Preexisting Implanted Pumps; Jane E. Loitman; 46 Geriatric Pain Pharmacotherapy; Amelia L. Persico and Erica L. Wegrzyn; Index;
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