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Color Atlas of Otology: Diagnosis and Management

Color Atlas of Otology: Diagnosis and Management

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Color Atlas of Otology:: Diagnosis and Management presents brilliant photographs of different otological disorders. The book has been divided into four sections covering all aspects of ear pathology, radiology, and surgical and postsurgical outcomes. All images are accompanied by a brief discussion about the disease and its management. High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of temporal bone has changed the scenario in cases of cholesteatoma and its complications, and a chapter has been added to give a detailed outlook on this.

There are step-by-step detailed photographs of surgical procedures with explanations; the surgical steps are given in detail so that postgraduates and consultants can use them as a surgical road map to a particular disease.

Key Features::

  • Detailed color photographs of different ear pathologies.
  • CT scans of temporal bone for different complicated pathologies of ear diseases.
  • Step-by-step detailed images of different surgical procedures.
Product Details
Georg Thieme

Data sheet

Publication date
Issue number
hard cover
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Dimensions (mm)
171.45 x 241.30
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  • Section A: Diseases of the Ear
    1. Normal Auricle (External Ear)
    2. Diseases of the Auricle
    3. Diseases of External Auditory Canal
    4. Normal Tympanic Membrane
    5. Acute Inflammation of Tympanic Membrane (Acute Otitis Media)
    6. Otitis Media with Effusion
    7. Retraction of the Tympanic Membrane
    8. Chronic Otitis Media
    9. Tympanosclerosis
    10. Trauma to the Tympanic Membrane
    Section B: Surgeries of the Ear
    11. General Considerations
    12. Tympanoplasty
    13. Ossiculoplasty
    14. Mastoid Exploration
    15. Stapes Surgery
    Section C: Radiology of the Ear
    16. CT Scan of Temporal Bone in Relation to Chronic Otitis Media (Squamous)
    Section D: Surgical Outcomes
    17. Postsurgical Evaluation and Complication

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