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Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Principles, Anatomy, Approaches

Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Principles, Anatomy, Approaches

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The quintessential state-of-the-art atlas on endoscopic approaches to the lateral skull base

The endoscope has become a highly effective tool in the arsenal of ear and skull base surgeons. Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery:: Principles, Anatomy, Approaches by endoscopic surgery masters Daniele Marchioni and Livio Presutti, reflects their development of innovative transcanalar approaches to the lateral cranial base using the external auditory canal as a surgical corridor. This unique atlas is designed to teach and clarify current and emerging endoscopic-assisted surgery approaches to the lateral skull base.

The common goal of these cutting-edge procedures is to access and treat tumors located in the lateral cranial base via the most minimally-invasive endoscopic approach possible, thereby bypassing delicate cranial nerves, dural, cerebral, and vascular structures. Throughout 14 chapters, an impressive group of skull base surgeons share firsthand insights and expertise in areas vital to endoscopic skull base surgery.

Key Features

  • Featuring contributions from the whos who of global experts who continue to innovate by using the endoscope beyond its traditional use in middle ear surgery
  • Opening chapters cover anatomy, microscopic approaches, endoscopic dissection, instrumentation, OR set-up, and radiologic assessments
  • Procedural chapters detail endoscopic approaches including transtemporal combined, retrosigmoid, and transcanalar techniques such as suprageniculate, transpromontorial, and infracochlear
  • Patient cases, clinical applications, and step-by-step guidance enhance understanding of diverse endoscopic approaches
  • High-quality preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative illustrations are selected from thousands of surgeries performed by the authors

This remarkable book provides the most comprehensive and elucidating information written to date on endoscopic approaches to the lateral skull base, making it essential reading for novice and expert surgeons alike.

This print book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https:://medone.thieme.com.

Product Details
Georg Thieme

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hard cover
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229.87 x 309.88
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  • 1. Anatomy of the Lateral Skull Base
    2. Microscopic Approaches to Lateral Skull Base: Overview
    3. Transcanal Endoscopic Dissection of Lateral Skull Base
    4. Instruments and Operating Room Setup
    5. Radiologic Assessment in Lateral Skull Base Surgery
    6. Transcochlear and Transotic Endoscopic Assisted Approaches
    7. Endoscopic Assisted Retrosigmoid Approach
    8. Middle Cranial Fossa Approaches: Traditional Surgery and Endoscopic Assisted Procedure
    9. Classification and Indications of Transcanal Lateral Skull Base Surgery
    10. Endoscopic Transcanal Suprageniculate Approach
    11. Transcanal Transpromontorial Approaches to the Internal Auditory Canal and the Cerebellopontine Angle
    12. Endoscopic Assisted and Transcanal Procedures in Cochlear Implant
    13. Endoscopic Transcanal Infracochlear Approach
    14. Complications and Management in Lateral Skull Base Surgery

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