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Low Vision

Low Vision

Principles and Management

publication date: 2023-02-24
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Providing an ideal balance of theory and practice, Low Vision:: Principles and Management covers all aspects of providing effective eye care to individuals with visual impairment. This concise yet comprehensive resource covers everything from theoretical background to current rehabilitative aids and low vision treatment strategies-all while adopting a practical approach to vision care. It brings practising eye care professionals and students fully up to date with current optical and electronic devices and how they are used in everyday practice, as well as evidence-based vision rehabilitation guidelines.
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  • Part I: Defining Low Vision

    Chapter 1: Different Definitions and Their Context

    Chapter 2: Prevalence and Causes of Low Vision

    Chapter 3: Clinical Measures of Visual Performance

    Chapter 4: Functional Measures of Visual Impairment

    Part II: Magnification as a Strategy for Improving Visual Performance

    Chapter 5: Magnification

    Chapter 6: Increasing Object Size

    Chapter 7: Decreasing Viewing Distance

    Chapter 8: Transverse Magnification

    Chapter 9: Angular Magnification

    Part III: Other Methods for Visual Rehabilitation

    Chapter 10: Contrast and Glare

    Chapter 11: Illumination and Lighting

    Chapter 12: Aids for Peripheral Field Vision Loss

    Chapter 13: Special Training Techniques for Field Loss

    Chapter 14: Rehabilitation Techniques for Nystagmus

    Chapter 15: Sensory Substitution

    Chapter 16: Inclusive and Universal Design

    Part IV: Clinical Procedures

    Chapter 17: The Initial Assessment

    Chapter 18: The Examination Routine

    Chapter 19: Prescribing Magnification

    Chapter 20: Training Patients in the Use of Magnifiers

    Chapter 21: Evaluating Low Vision Services

    Chapter 22: The Place of Low Vision in Optometric Practice

    Appendices (online only)

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