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Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 3e

Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 3e

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Fully revised for this third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health is a concise, practice-based guide to the area. Bringing together the latest legislation and guidance with current practice in the field, this is an authoritative reference to assessing and managing health risks in the workplace. Consisting of twelve sections covering the full breadth of practice, this Handbook covers workplace hazards and diseases, occupational health emergencies, and practical procedures. This third edition also contains new information on ethics, work health and disability, infection control, respiratory disorders, and fitness for work, with updated diagrams, figures and chemical structures to aid reader understanding.Providing a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the whole of occupational health, this Handbook is the essential resource for all occupational physicians, occupational health nurses, and all those dealing with workplace health and fitness, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.
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  • Section 1 -Occupational hazards; Physical hazards; Chemical hazards; Biological hazards; Mechanical and ergonomic hazards; Psychosocial hazards; Section 2- Occupational diseases; Occupational Infections; Respiratory and cardiovascular disorders; Skin disorders; Musculoskeletal disorders; GI and urinary tract; Eye disorders; Neurological; Psychiatric; Reproductive disorders; Haematological disorders; Medically unexplained syndromes; Section 3 -Occupational health practice; Operational issues; Ethics; Policies; Sickness absence, rehabilitation and retirement; Risk assessment and risk management; Health surveillance; Section 4- Fitness for work; Generic fitness for work and specific disorders; Fitness for specific work; Section 5- Occupational health law; UK Health and Safety law; Employment law; Law and records; Environmental law; Section 6- Occupational Hygiene; Occupational Hygiene overview; Monitoring exposure; Biological monitoring; Prevention and control of exposure; Section 7- Toxicology; Toxicology; Section 8- Epidemiology in occupational health; Epidemiology; Section 9- Environmental Medicine; Environmental protection; Section 10- Safety Science; Safety science; Section 11 - Practical procedures; Clinical management; Non-clinical tasks and procedures; Section 12- Emergencies in occupational health; Acute poisoning; Non-chemical emergencies; Terrorism and crime;
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