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Preparing for Doctoral Study in Nursing

Preparing for Doctoral Study in Nursing

Making the Most of the Year Before You Begin

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Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Preparing for Doctoral Study in Nursing:: Making the Most of the Year Before You Begin helps you make an informed decision about entering doctoral studies and choosing the nursing credential that helps you reach your career goals. Noted educators and doctoral mentors Laura A. Taylor and Mary F. Terhaar - along with a team of nursing leaders and scholars - describe the big picture for nurses educated at the highest level of scholarship, including the rising demand for advanced practice nurses and the future of nursing. The first and only comprehensive guide to preparing for a doctorate in nursing, this book helps you choose your path, make your decision, and develop a plan for success in doctoral study.

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  • SECTION 1 The Big Picture of Nurses Educated at the Highest Level
    1 The Demand for the Doctorally Prepared Nurse
    2 The Story of the Doctorally Prepared Nurse
    3 Building Nursing for the Future
    4 Reflection on Challenges: The Nursing Workforce Shortage
    SECTION 2 Choosing Your Path, Making Your Decision, and Developing Your Plan
    5 Clarifying Your Options
    6 Clarifying Your Aspirations
    7 Common Impediments to Success
    8 Mentoring for the Next Generation of Nurse Scholars
    9 Understanding and Managing Expenses: Financing Your Education
    10 Presenting a Strong and Authentic Application
    11 Using Timely Wisely and Well
    12 Becoming a Write
    13 Determining Good Fit
    14 Staying Motivated, Confident, and Well Focused as a Doctoral Student
    SECTION 3 Shared Experiences of Doctorally Prepared Nurses on the Edge of Tomorrow
    15 The Nurse Scientist Narrative
    16 The Primary Care DNP Narrative
    17 The Entrepreneur Narrative
    18 The Postdoc Narrative
    19 The Academic Narratives
    20 The Nurse Informatician Narratives
    21 The Population Health Nurse Narratives
    22 The Policy Expert Narrative
    23 The Nurse on the Board Narrative
    24 The Leader Narrative
    25 The Advocate Narrative
    26 The Military Nurse Narratives
    27 The Systems Executive Narrative
    28 The Telehealth Nurse Narrative
    29 The Researcher Nurse Narratives
    30 The Health Disparities Nurse Narrative
    31 The Practice Nurse Narratives
    32 The Psychiatric Mental Health Clinician Narrative
    SECTION 4 A Toolkit for Preparation for Doctoral Study
    33 Tools for the Journey
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