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Workbook for Timby's Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts

Workbook for Timby's Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts

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The Workbook for Timbys Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts, 12th edition, provides an engaging review of essential material from the latest edition of the parent text to help students make the most of their study and prepare for success on exams and in nursing practice. Each chapter includes three sections - Assessing Your Understanding, Applying Your Knowledge, and Practicing for NCLEX® - and features images from the text, review exercises, application activities and additional NCLEX-PN® practice questions to reinforce students understanding and test their ability to apply essential concepts and skills. Content revisions throughout reflect the latest updates to the textbook, and a digital version of the complete answers to all review questions and exercises in the workbook are provided in the Instructor Resources on thePoint for the companion textbook.   
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  • UNIT 1 Exploring Contemporary Nursing
    ?1    Nursing Foundations?
    ?2    Nursing Process?
    UNIT 2 Integrating Basic Concepts?
    ?3    Laws and Ethics?
    ?4    Health and Illness?
    ?5    Homeostasis, Adaptation, and Stress?
    ?6    Culture and Ethnicity?
    UNIT 3 Fostering Communication
    ?7    The Nurse-Client Relationship?
    ?8    Client Teaching?
    ?9    Recording and Reporting?
    UNIT 4 Performing Basic Client Care?
    10    Asepsis?
    11    Admission, Discharge, Transfer, and Referrals?
    12    Vital Signs?
    13    Physical Assessment?
    14    Special Examinations and Tests?
    UNIT 5 Assisting With Basic Needs?
    15    Nutrition?
    16    Fluid and Chemical Balance?
    17    Hygiene?
    18    Comfort, Rest, and Sleep?
    19    Safety?
    20    Pain Management?
    21    Oxygenation?
    22    Infection Control?
    UNIT 6 Assisting the Inactive Client?
    23    Body Mechanics, Positioning, and Moving?
    24    Fitness and Therapeutic Exercise?
    25    Mechanical Immobilization?
    26    Ambulatory Aids?
    UNIT 7 The Surgical Client?
    27    Perioperative Care?
    28    Wound Care?
    29    Gastrointestinal Intubation?
    UNIT 8 Promoting Elimination?
    30    Urinary Elimination?
    31    Bowel Elimination?
    UNIT 9 Medication Administration?
    32    Oral Medications?
    33    Topical and Inhalant Medications?
    34    Parenteral Medications?
    35    Intravenous Medications?
    UNIT 10 Intervening in Emergency Situations?
    36    Airway Management?
    37    Resuscitation?
    UNIT 11 Caring for the Terminally Ill?
    38        End-of-Life Care
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