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Timby's Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts

Timby's Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts

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The Twelfth Edition of Timbys Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts continues the tradition of excellent coverage of basic nursing theory and clinical skills that have long made this text a leading resource for LPN/LVN students at the beginning of their program, as well as a comprehensive reference for updating the skills of currently employed nurses or those returning to work after a period of inactive practice.
Students using this text will learn theoretical nursing concepts, step-by-step skills and procedures, and clinical applications, all while applying philosophical concepts focusing on the human experience, such as caring as the essence of nursing, supportive health care provider networks, and accountability for actions and clinical decisions. Engaging learning tools promote critical thinking, and visually enticing photos and illustrations bring the information to life to reinforce learning.
Updated to help students meet the needs of todays changing healthcare environment, this new edition reflects the most current medical and nursing practices, including up-to-date gerontologic, pharmacologic, and nutritional considerations and the latest NANDA diagnoses and terminology.
  • UPDATED! Extensively revised content equips students with the most up-to-date medical and nursing practices. 
  • NEW! Key points at the end of each chapter outline essential information for faster, more efficient study. 
  • NEW! Integrated gerontologic, pharmacologic, and nutritional considerations, identified by icons, help students connect concepts to relevant chapter content.  
  • UPDATED! NANDA diagnoses labels and definitions in Nursing Implications and accompanying Nursing Care Plans reflect the latest NANDA-I publication, Nursing Diagnoses 2019-2020.
  • Words to Know listed at the beginning of each chapter clarify key nursing and technical terminology. 
  • Learning Objectives keep students focused on the most valuable chapter content for effective study and practice.
  • Focus on the Nursing Process throughout the text familiarizes students with this important approach to practice and reinforces its use in the application of skills and nursing care planning.
  • Nursing Care Plans provide realistic client profiles, diagnostic statements, interventions and rationales, and evidence-based evaluations to prepare students to address common clinical scenarios.
  • Skills demonstrate chapter concepts in action and familiarize students with standard precautions and infection control guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Nursing Guidelines, accompanied by detailed illustrations, guide students through various kinds of nursing care or suggestions for managing client care problems.
  • Client and Family Teaching Boxes highlight essential education points for nurses to communicate to clients and their families.
  • Critical Thinking Exercises strengthen students ability to apply their understanding of chapter content to clinical situations or rhetorical questions.
  • NCLEX-PN®-style Questions reflect the 2016 NCLEX-PN Test Plan and prepare students to excel on their exams.
  • Glossary provides fast access to a comprehensive list of definitions. 
  • Bibliography directs students to supplemental resources for greater understanding.     
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  • UNIT 1 Exploring Contemporary Nursing
    ?1        Nursing Foundations?
    ?2        Nursing Process?
    UNIT 2 Integrating Basic Concepts?
    ?3        Laws and Ethics?
    ?4        Health and Illness?
    ?5        Homeostasis, Adaptation, and Stress?
    ?6        Culture and Ethnicity?
    UNIT 3 Fostering Communication
    ?7        The Nurse-Client Relationship?
    ?8        Client Teaching?
    ?9        Recording and Reporting?
    UNIT 4 Performing Basic Client Care?
    10        Asepsis?
    11        Admission, Discharge, Transfer, and Referrals?
    12        Vital Signs?
    13        Physical Assessment?
    14        Special Examinations and Tests?
    UNIT 5 Assisting With Basic Needs?
    15        Nutrition?
    16        Fluid and Chemical Balance?
    17        Hygiene?
    18        Comfort, Rest, and Sleep?
    19        Safety?
    20        Pain Management?
    21        Oxygenation?
    22        Infection Control?
    UNIT 6 Assisting the Inactive Client?
    23        Body Mechanics, Positioning, and Moving?
    24        Fitness and Therapeutic Exercise?
    25        Mechanical Immobilization?
    26        Ambulatory Aids?
    UNIT 7 The Surgical Client?
    27        Perioperative Care?
    28        Wound Care?
    29        Gastrointestinal Intubation?
    UNIT 8 Promoting Elimination?
    30        Urinary Elimination?
    31        Bowel Elimination?
    UNIT 9 Medication Administration?
    32        Oral Medications?
    33        Topical and Inhalant Medications?
    34        Parenteral Medications?
    35        Intravenous Medications?
    UNIT 10 Intervening in Emergency Situations?
    36        Airway Management?
    37        Resuscitation?
    UNIT 11 Caring for the Terminally Ill?
    38        End-of-Life Care
    References and Suggested Readings?
    Appendix A?Commonly Used Abbreviations and Acronyms?
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