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Excellence in Dementia Care

Excellence in Dementia Care

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The book, aimed at practitioners, professionals and academics, involves an impressive and wide-ranging array of contributors from both the UK and the US.
The book includes learning objectives and exercises, encouraging the reader to actively engage with the material. There is also an insightful preface from Daphne Wallace, a retired psychiatrist now experiencing early dementia.
Its an admirably comprehensive and user-friendly resource for anyone with a professional or personal interest in excellent dementia care.


Thanks to the variety of questions treated, illustrated by both discussions and exercises, this book is a clear and comprehensive pedagogic tool for any professional involved in the care of people (with dementia).
Fondation Nationale de Gerontologie, Paris, France

Written by leading theorists from a range of countries, this comprehensive text is a unique achievement. It is divided into four parts:: principles and perspectives; knowledge and skills for supporting people with dementia; journeys through dementia care; and embedding experience in dementia care. Despite there being 46 contributors, there is a consistent voice addressing current thinking in dementia care, with good cross referencing. Expertise of researchers, practitioners and academic tutors is brought together in a stimulating, informative and sometimes provocative read.
Nursing Standard

Dementia care has come of age with this book. It is an impeccably crafted collection of papers from eminent experts on both sides of the Atlantic. The book demonstrates confidence, based on both research evidence and well-grounded good practice, and a solid set of shared values both explicit and implicit. The contributors are refreshingly candid about debates and controversies. This book is authoritative and readable which makes it useful to a wide audience. It will provide knowledge, encouragement and motivation to a hard pressed workforce.
Mary Marshall OBE, Emeritus Professor, University of Stirling, Scotland

This landmark textbook draws on the extensive knowledge of researchers, practitioners, and professionals in the care of people with Alzheimers disease and other dementias. It is informed both by a profound respect for people with dementia and a commitment to including them in decisions about their care and lives. While focusing on care for people with dementia, this core text also addresses the most pressing concerns of families by promoting practices and services that recognise the full humanity of their relative with dementia. In addressing the many complex issues related to offering support to people with dementia and those who care for them, this timely textbook is unique in emphasising strategies for creating sustainable change in practice. The book includes examples from a range of countries, drawn from research, practice wisdom and, most importantly, from the experience of people with dementia and their families.

This key text offers valuable insights about how to::

  • Provide competent and compassionate care for people with Alzheimers Disease and other dementias
  • Build systems to provide effective care
  • Encourage collaboration among multi disciplinary professionals and users and carers
  • Support those caring for people with dementia
  • Ensure those with dementia maintain dignity, well-being and meaningful participation in life
Excellence in Dementia Care is a vital resource for those working with people with dementia. It provides an accessible yet sophisticated overview of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve excellence. It is an essential handbook for those responsible for training, education and skills development in dementia care.
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  • INTRODUCTION Murna Downs and Barbara Bowers

    SECTION 1 Principles and perspectives in dementia care
    Prevalence and projections of dementia
    Diversity and dementia
    Understanding subjective experiences of dementia
    A bio-psychosocial approach to dementia care
    Flexibility and change:: The fundamentals for families coping with dementia
    Doing right or being good? Ethical dilemmas in person-centred care
    Being minded in dementia:: Persons and human beings

    SECTION 2 Knowledge and skills for supporting people with dementia
    Assessment and dementia
    Supporting intellectual functioning
    Working with life history
    The language of behaviour
    Communication and relationships
    Supporting health and physical well being
    Understanding and alleviating emotional distress

    SECTION 3 Journeys through dementia care
    Diagnosis and early support
    Living at home
    Care of people with dementia in the general hospital
    Extra care and sheltered housing
    Residential and nursing home care
    End of life care
    Grief and bereavement

    SECTION 4 Embedding excellence in dementia care
    Change management
    Working with people with dementia as service users
    A trained and supported workforce
    Partnership working:: attending to relationships
    Management and leadership
    Assessing quality for the perspective of people with dementia
    How did we get here? A historical overview of Alzheimers disease


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