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Total Engagement: Activities for Growth and Expression in Older Adults

Total Engagement: Activities for Growth and Expression in Older Adults

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Total Engagement presents activity ideas for encouraging exploration and self-expression in older adults experiencing varying degrees of limitation in mental or physical performance. Its goal is to present engaging activities that respect and celebrate each person’s lifelong knowledge and experiences. It emphasizes the creative arts – dance, drama, music, and visual arts – as a pathway for mental and physical growth, self-discovery, and self-expression.

Total Engagement emphasizes that adults need to be engaged with the self, the environment, and with social networks for general well-being. Activity professionals and nonprofessionals can facilitate these multi-sensory, holistic activities to promote physical, psychosocial, and cognitive well-being in a wide range of older adults who may be struggling with disengagement due to losses from aging.
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178.00 x 254.00
    • UNIT 1 Self:: Functional (Physical) Well-Being
    • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
    • Balance
    • Conscious Breathing
    • Walking and General Exercise
    • UNIT 2 Self:: Psychosocial Well-Being
    • Inner Peace and Coping
    • Reminiscence and Life Review
    • Generativity and Wisdom
    • UNIT 3 Self:: Cognitive Well-Being
    • Cognitive Games
    • Visual/Spatial Orientation
    • Patterns and Sorting
    • Creative Thinking
    • UNIT 4 Environment
    • Plants and Pet Care
    • The Great Outdoors
    • Feng Shui/Living Space
    • UNIT 5 Social Networks
    • Family, Friends, and Neighbors
    • Civic and Community Action
    • Spirituality and Religion
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