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Basic Geriatric Nursing

Basic Geriatric Nursing

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Provide compassionate, professional nursing care for older adults! Designed for LPN/LVNs, Basic Geriatric Nursing, 8th Edition offers a practical introduction to concepts of aging and the physiologic and psychosocial changes that affect the elderly adult. Clear guidelines help you master basic skills such as health assessment, nursing diagnosis, therapeutic communication, medication administration, and nursing interventions in a variety of health care settings. New Next-Generation NCLEX® examination-style case studies help you develop clinical judgment, and nursing care plans show how to apply theory to practice. Written by experienced nursing educator Patricia Williams, this book provides the knowledge and skills you need to care for an aging population.

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  • Unit One Overview of Aging

    Chapter 1 Trends and Issues

    Chapter 2 Theories of Aging

    Chapter 3 Physiologic Changes

    Unit Two Basic Skills for Gerontologic Nursing

    Chapter 4 Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, and Home Health Considerations

    Chapter 5 Communicating with Older Adults

    Chapter 6 Maintaining Fluid Balance and Meeting Nutrition Needs

    Chapter 7 Medications and Older Adults

    Chapter 8 Health Assessment for Older Adults

    Chapter 9 Meeting Safety Needs of Older Adults

    Unit Three Psychosocial Care of the Elderly

    Chapter 10 Cognition and Perception

    Chapter 11 Self-Perception and Self-Concept

    Chapter 12 Roles and Relationships

    Chapter 13 Coping and Stress

    Chapter 14 Values and Beliefs

    Chapter 15 End-of-Life Care

    Chapter 16 Sexuality and Aging

    Unit Four Physical Care of the Elderly

    Chapter 17 Care of Aging Skin and Mucous Membranes

    Chapter 18 Elimination

    Chapter 19 Activity and Exercise

    Chapter 20 Sleep and Rest

    Appendix A Laboratory Values for Older Adults

    Appendix B The Geriatric Depression Scale

    Appendix C Daily Nutritional Goals for Older Adults

    Appendix D Resources for Older Adults



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