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Plumer's Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy

Plumer's Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy

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For nearly 44 years, Plumers Principles & Practice of Infusion Therapy has retained its position as the most reliable, complete source of information addressing intravenous therapy for practicing clinicians, educators, and students.
The Ninth Edition of Plumers Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy provides clear, concise coverage of basic and advanced infusion procedures, as well as current Infusion Nurses Society standards of practice.
Youll enhance your understanding and hone your skills with this new edition featuring the most current coverage of infusion therapy, procedures, standards, and equipment, along with practical new features and an emphasis on safety considerations, as well as evidence-based practice. Plumers Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy begins with an overview of IV therapy, including how to minimize risk and enhance performance, and then addresses assessment and monitoring; clinical decision making; patient specific therapies, and infusion therapy for children, the elderly, and across the continuum of care.
Updated information on INS Standards of Practice insure that your skills keep pace with current requirements and revised clinical and patient education content will help you prepare for certification.
Nurses will also find step-by-step application features that address interventions and procedures while offering guidelines, equipment checklists, actions, and rationales for each procedure. And, end-of-chapter review questions allow you to assess your knowledge and reinforce the vital concepts youll apply in daily practice.
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    List of Tables

    PART 1? Overview of Infusion Therapy
    1 History of Infusion Therapy
    2 Minimizing Risk and Enhancing Performance
    3 Nursing Role and Responsibilities
    4 Standards of Practice
    5 Nurse and Patient Education 

    PART 2? Assessment and Monitoring
    6 Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Infusion Therapy
    7 Diagnostic Testing and Values
    8 Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
    9 Principles of Parenteral Administration
    10 Complications and Nursing Interventions
    11 Evidence-Based Infusion Practice

    PART 3? Clinical Decision Making
    12 Infusion Delivery Systems and Safety
    13 Peripheral Venous Access
    14 Central Venous Access
    15 Expanded Approaches to Access and Monitoring

    PART 4? Patient-Specific Therapies
    16 Parenteral Nutrition
    17 Blood and Component Therapy
    18 Pharmacology Applied to Infusion Therapy
    19 Antineoplastic Therapy
    20 Pain Management

    Part 5? Special pOPULATIONS
    21 Pediatric Infusion Therapy
    22 Infusion Therapy in an Older Adult
    23 Infusion Therapy Across the Continuum of Care
    24 The Future of Infusion Nursing: A Global Approach

    Answers to Questions
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