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Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management

Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management

A Global Perspective

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Learn how to plan for and respond to disasters! Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management:: A Global Perspective helps you build the skills you need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency situations efficiently and effectively. It includes the personal stories of nurses who have experienced disasters, describing the specific incident, the response, what worked or didnt work, and the lessons learned. Case studies show how to apply international response guidelines in providing care for those in need. Written by Joanne Langan, an internationally known expert in disaster preparedness, this reference will help you feel more confident in handling the aftermath of both natural and man-made disasters.

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  • Units I Overview of Disaster Preparedness

  • Natural and Human Made Disasters

Unit II Stages of Disaster Response

2. Disaster Management Agencies and Organizations

3. Preparedness and Mitigation

4. Response (to include triage and decontamination)

5. Recovery (to include victims, health care workers, pysch mental health)

Unit III Roles

6. Role of the General Professional Nurse (to include students, hospitals, clinics, health centers, nurse educators, long term care, volunteers)

7. Role of the Advanced or Specialized Nurse (to include public health, advanced practice, military)

8. Personal Preparedness (family, dependents, pets)

Unit IV Actual Disasters and Public Health Emergencies


Description-where, when, nationwide, local, state




PPE-Personal Preparedness Equipment



Special Considerations

Lessons Learned

9. Natural Disasters (to include Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Florence, CA wildfires/earthquake, Joplin Tornado, European Heat Wave 2003, South Australia Blackout 2016-also include global warming discussion)

10. Global Earthquakes (to include Christchurch New Zealand, Nepal Earthquake, Indian Ocean and Tsunami 2004 (Banda Ache), Haiti Earthquake 2010

11. Radiation Disasters (to include Chernobyl, Fukishima Daichii Japan 2011)

12. Chemical Disasters (to include Bhopal Gas Disaster 1984)

13. Biologic or Infectious Disease Outbreaks (SARS, MERS, ZIKA, Ebola)

14. Human Made Disasters (include bombings, ie Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Boston Marathon, Atlanta Olympics, Active Shooter-Columbine, Newtown, Las Vegs, Parkland)

Unit V Anticipating the Future: Brainstorming Exercises

15. Vulnerability Exercise

16. Tabletop Drills (advantage/disadvantages, comparison of all types of drills

Drills to include active shooter, cybersecurity, grid/power going down


CDC Information and Toolkits, DHHS---Go kits for populations/different age spans

International Council of Nurses---Core Competencies in Disaster Nursing, version 2.0

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