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Essential Electromyography

Essential Electromyography

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The principles of electromyography, including single-fibre electromyography and nerve conduction studies, are described simply, supported by clear diagrams and screenshots of high quality recordings. After a brief overview of anatomy, physiology, pathology and technical matters including electrodes, amplifiers and volume conduction, the way these principles aid the diagnosis of disorders of nerves, muscles and neuromuscular junctions is explained. The book concludes with the findings in common clinical conditions and explores the concept of normal vs abnormal values. This is an invaluable introductory text for trainees in clinical neurophysiology. Clinicians in specialties such as neurology, orthopaedic surgery, rheumatology, general medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation will benefit from guidance on selecting patients for referral and assistance with the interpretation of the results. Based on the expertise of an author who has spent 25 years practising and teaching the subject, readers can be assured of a wealth of knowledge within these pages.
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  • 1. Introduction; 2. Basic anatomy and a little physiology; 3. Peripheral nerve types; 4. Peripheral nerve function; 5. The neuromuscular junction; 6. Muscle; 7. Some technical matters: electrodes, stimulators, amplifiers, display, averagers; 8. Volume conduction; 9. Pathology; 10. Electromyography (EMG); 11. Nerve conduction studies: introduction; 12. Nerve conduction studies: normal; 13. Nerve conduction studies: degeneration; 14. Nerve conduction studies: demyelination; 15. Degree of pathology; 16. Tests of neuromuscular transmission; 17. Other techniques: F-waves and H-Reflexes; 18. Clinical applications; 19. Other stuff: aberrant nerve pathways, A-waves, EMG anomalies; 20. Normal values; 21. Conclusion.
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