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Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EP, LTM/ccEEG, IOM, PSG, and NCS/EMG

Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EP, LTM/ccEEG, IOM, PSG, and NCS/EMG

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Focusing on the technical aspects of clinical neurophysiologic testing, Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing:: EP, LTM/ccEEG, IOM, PSG, and NCS/EMG 2nd Edition, offers comprehensive guidance on neurophysiologic testing that picks up where the companion Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing:: EEG ends. Dr. Thoru Yamada and Elizabeth Meng provide advanced content on evoked potentials, intraoperative monitoring, long-term EEG monitoring, epilepsy monitoring, sleep studies, and nerve conduction studies. All chapters have been updated to incorporate recent advancements and new studies and articles. 
  • Offers a straightforward approach to clinical neurophysiologic testing, with concise, readable text, test readouts, and sample cases, as well as videos and interactive questions online 

  • Provides extensive coverage of evoked potentials, including visual, brainstem auditory, and somatosensory EPs 

  • Contains new chapters on Brain Function Monitoring for Carotid Endarterectomy and Aortic Arch Surgery, Invasive EEG Monitoring and Imagining for Epilepsy Surgery, and Nerve Conduction and Electromyography Studies 

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