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Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease

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The first text to provide comprehensive coverage of sickle cell disease with both a research and clinical focus

Covering the genetic basis of the disease along with the most current work in gene editing, Sickle Cell Disease provides clinical features and diagnosis, as well as standards of therapy and future treatment options in children and adults. It explores rare and common cases, includes both domestic and internationally relevant topics, and covers psychosocial and supportive care. Free online updates available

Providing the latest guidelines for patient care, Sickle Cell Disease covers cardiopulmonary complications, new gene editing/gene therapy, and information for investigators in life sciences and in pharmaceutical drug development space. With chapters written by a “whos who” in the world of sickle cell disease research and treatment, this unparalleled resource combines state-of-the-art clinical diagnosis, quality care, management, and the evolution of science in one volume for the first time ever.


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  • Table of Contents

    I. Basic Mechanisms of Disease:

    1. Overview: Carlo Brugnara, Betty Pace

    2. Genetic basis of SCD: Martin Steinberg, SweeLay Thein

    3. Hemoglobin S polymerization: Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Alan Schechter, and Constance Noguchi

    4. Adhesion and vaso-occlusion - the role of leukocytes: Paul Frenette,

    5. Hemolysis and endothelial dysfunction: Mark Gladwin, Gregory Kato

    6. Sterile inflammation and the inflammasome: Prithu Sundd, Solomon Ofori-Acquah

    7. IIschemia-reperfusion injury, inflammation and oxidative stress: Robert Hebbel, John Belcher, Gregory Vercellotti

    8. Mouse models of SCD and mechanisms of pain:Cheryl Hillery, Kalpna Gupta, Lewis Hsu

    9. Fetal hemoglobin induction - past, present and future: Abdullah Kutlar, Griff Rodgers

    II. Clinical Complications of Sickle Cell Disease:

    Overview: Alexis Thompson, Ken Ataga

    10. Stroke and cognitive dysfunction: Fenella Kirkham, Michael DeBaun, Robert Adams

    11. Pediatric complications and newborn screening: John J. Strouse, James Casella, Nancy Green

    12. Airway hyperreactivity and asthma: Claudia Morris, Liz Klings

    13. Acute chest syndrome:Elliott Vichinsky, Armand Mekontso-Dessap

    14. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) and critical illness: Roberto Machado, Mark Gladwin

    15. Heart disease: Vandana Sachdev, Punam Malik,John Wood

    16. Renal: Victor Gordeuk,Santosh Saraf, Jane Little

    17. Sickle cell trait: Philippe Connes, Rakhi Naik, Hyacinth Hyacinth

    18. Thrombophilia in SCD: Nigel Key, Rafal Pawlinski, Enrico Novelli

    19. Acute and chronic pain: Wally Smith, Samir Ballas

    20. “Orphan” complications - leg ulcers and priapism: Caterina Minniti, Arthur Burnett

    21. Ocular complications: : Adrienne Scott, Morton Goldberg

    22. Rare presentations and emerging complications: Frederic Galacteros, Oswaldo Castro, Kathryn Hassell

    23. Globalburden of disease: new frontiers in SCD research and care: Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, Julie Makani, Fernando Costa, Graham Serjeant,Yazdi Italia

    III. EmergingTherapeutics:

    Overview: David Rees, Sophie Lanzkron

    24. Transfusion medicine: Anoosha Habibi, Darrell Triulzi, Miguel Abboud, Sally Campbell Lee

    25. Clinical trials - state of the art and lessons learned: Ken Ataga, Laura De Castro, Marilyn Telen

    26. Stem cell transplantation: John Tisdale,Courtney Fitzhugh, Mark Walters, Lakshmanan Krishnamurti

    27. Emergency care – challenges and opportunities: ClaudiaMorris

    28. The psychosocial burden in SCD: MarciaTreadwell, Allison King, Julie Panepinto, Charles Jonaissant

    29. Hydroxyurea and the dawn of combination therapy in SCD: Winfred Wang, Russell Ware

    30. The HOLY GRAIL - Gene editing and Therapy: TimTownes, Marina Cavazzana-Calvo

    Additional authors:

    Joshua Field (chapter assignment TBD)

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