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Overload System for Strength: A Modern Application of Old-School Training

Overload System for Strength: A Modern Application of Old-School Training

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Strength training used to be simple. Before performance-enhancing drugs muddied the waters and social media fed us new, “ground-breaking” exercises on a weekly basis, people simply focused on lifting the heaviest weights possible to build strength.

The Overload System for Strength reintroduces this time-tested, proven approach to achieving strength gains in the shortest time possible. Influenced by legends in the field of strength and conditioning, you will learn the progressive range of motion and neurological carryover training methods from Paul Anderson; supramaximal partial lifts espoused by Bob Peoples, Anthony Ditillo, and Harry Paschall; functional isometrics promoted by Bob Hoffman; and eccentric overloads. Through decades of sweat and effort, these methods have been proven to have the strongest effect on maximizing the nervous systems capacity to increase force production.

In The Overload System for Strength youll find the following::
  • Ten advanced methods to increase strength, including progressive range of motion, heavy partials, and functional isometrics
  • Detailed technical instruction for six main lifts that promote large strength gains
  • Frequency, split, and specialization options to fit your preferences, goals, and schedule
Written by Christian Thibaudeau, a renowned strength and conditioning coach who has trained Olympic athletes and CrossFit Games competitors, and Tom Sheppard, a strength coach and author who works with Thibarmy, EliteFTS, and T-Nation, The Overload System for Strength brings the methods of legends into the modern era and teaches you how to  realize your strength potential.

Skip the gimmicks and fads; use the training that has provided results for decades. The Overload System for Strength is your time-tested, proven guidebook to unlocking the strength gains you have been looking for.

Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.
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  • Chapter 1. The Overload System Methods
    Chapter 2. Science and Application of the Overload System
    Chapter 3. The Overload System Foundational Exercises
    Chapter 4. Deadlift
    Chapter 5. Squat
    Chapter 6. Military Press
    Chapter 7. Bench Press
    Chapter 8. Pendlay Row
    Chapter 9. Explosive Pull
    Chapter 10. Assistance Exercises
    Chapter 11. The Overload System Programming
    Chapter 12. Training Program Design
    Chapter 13. Specialization Training

    Appendix: Strength Standards
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