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Leisure Services Management

Leisure Services Management

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Leisure Services Management, Third Edition With HKPropel Access, outlines the essential knowledge and skills that successful managers must learn, and it assists students in building those competencies. The text prepares students for the Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) qualifying exam and for the challenges theyll face in their future careers in commercial recreation, public agencies, and the nonprofit sector. Throughout the text, there are activities, projects, and examples to help students connect competencies to real-world situations.

Leisure Services Management begins by presenting a firm foundation of competency-based management. Students will examine the scope of leisure management, management responsibilities, and how a manager can affect an agency and its customers. They will also explore specific management areas such as marketing, financial management, human resources, employee development, communication, and evaluation.

For each chapter, the ancillaries offer experiential learning activities that simulate on-the-job situations. Each of these activities asks students to assume the role of a manager and address common management issues by completing a work assignment or project. These activities will facilitate student development and help students gain essential management competencies. Other learning aids include learning objectives, review questions, key terms, and a glossary to reinforce student learning.

In addition to updated references that provide contemporary management perspectives, the third edition features the following::
  • Expanded content on social media, planning, and international leisure
  • A new chapter focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion to broaden students perspectives
  • From the Field sidebars, which offer readers a glimpse of what happens in the field, so they can better understand what they will be facing in the future
Leisure Services Management has related online learning activities delivered via HKPropel. These activities include flash cards and undergraduate- and graduate-level case studies for each chapter. Chapter quizzes, which are automatically graded, may be assigned by instructors to test comprehension of critical concepts. Students can also access a list of competencies tested in the CPRP exam and a competency scorecard to track their development relative to professional standards. These online resources will help students build useful knowledge and apply the information.

The competency-driven approach of Leisure Services Management, Third Edition, assists readers in gaining the knowledge and practicing the skills needed to begin a career in leisure management. Bolstered by the practical information in this text, new managers can contribute to the success of their organization as they enjoy the challenges and rewards of their career.

Note:: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all new print books.
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  • Chapter 1. Competency-Based Management and Leadership
    What Is Management?
    Management Theories and Systems
    Management Trends
    A Competency-Based Approach

    Chapter 2. The Management Process
    The Management Process
    Management Drivers
    The Managers Resources
    Management Functions and Career Progression
    Critical Management Issues

    Chapter 3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    What Is Diversity and How Does It Affect Our Experiences?
    Equity and Equality
    Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter
    Interpersonal and Systemic Challenges
    Personnel and Workplace Challenges
    Strategies for Advancing DEI in the Workplace
    Reducing Prejudice and Building Competencies for Addressing Interpersonal and Systemic Challenges

    Chapter 4. Organizational Structure
    Three Sectors
    Organizational Structure, Design, and Culture
    Working With Boards
    Form of Government and Organizational Structure and Design
    Internal and External Politics

    Chapter 5. Coordination of Resources, Programs, and Services
    Internal Organizational Coordination
    External Organizational Coordination

    Chapter 6. Planning and Decision Making
    Elements of Master, Comprehensive Master, and Strategic Planning
    Problem Solving and Decision Making
    Ethical Decision Making

    Chapter 7. Marketing and Public Relations
    Definition and History of Marketing
    Market Segmentation and Target Marketing
    Marketing Mix
    Social Media

    Chapter 8. Communication and Customers
    Functions of Communication
    Communication Process
    Communication Breakdowns
    Strategic Approach to Communication
    Internal Communication
    External Communication

    Chapter 9. Personnel Procedures and Practices
    Human Resources Perspectives
    Personnel Planning
    Personnel Processes
    Managing Volunteers

    Chapter 10. Staff Retention and Development
    Employee Engagement and Development
    Employee Recognition
    Performance Appraisal

    Chapter 11. Sources and Methods of Financing
    Sources of Revenue
    Pricing Trends and Issues

    Chapter 12. Budgets and Financial Cost Analysis
    Defining Budgets
    Budget Cycle
    Cutback Management
    Types of Budgets
    Approaches to Budgeting
    Budget Implementation
    Financial Analysis and Reporting

    Chapter 13. Evaluation
    Why Evaluate?
    Performance Measurement
    How to Evaluate
    Selecting Evaluation Participants
    Best Practices and Benchmarking

    Appendix A. Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) Competencies
    Appendix B. One-Page Strategic Plan, City of Fairfax, Virginia
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