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OSCEs in Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach

OSCEs in Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach

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OSCEs are a familiar component of postgraduate examinations worldwide, simulating clinical scenarios to assess a candidates clinical skills and a range of competencies. This book will combine comprehensive knowledge and evidence-based practice standards in obstetrics and medical complications of pregnancy into a patient-centered approach using standardized OSCE scenarios. Taking an innovative, unique approach to diverse common clinical scenarios, it will be useful to trainees preparing for high-stakes certification examinations, and all healthcare workers providing obstetrical care. By using the provided clinical cases for self-assessment or peer-review practice, important aspects of focused history taking and patient management are elucidated. For those working in obstetrical care, this book is an essential teaching tool for all levels of training. The book will therefore serve as a key teaching tool at various levels. Readers can use the clinical cases for self-assessment or peer-review practice, to elucidate important aspects of focused history-taking and evidence-based patient management.
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  • Section I. Obstetric aspects of antenatal care: foreword; 1. Routine prenatal care and immunizations; 2. Advanced maternal age; 3. Teenage pregnancy; 4. Hyperemesis gravidarum; 5. Prenatal genetic screening; 6. Obesity in pregnancy; 7. Preterm labor; 8. Incompetent cervix; 9. Fetal growth restriction; 10. Alloimmunization; 11. Multiple gestation: dichorionic pregnancy; 12. Multiple gestation: monochorionic pregnancy; 13. Prenatal care of fetal congenital anomalies; 14. Intrauterine fetal death; Section II. Labor & Delivery: 15. Labor at term; 16. Post-term pregnancy and induction of labor; 17. Counselling: cesarean section on-demand; 18. Trial of labor after cesarean section; 19. Shoulder dystocia; 20. Fetal malpresentation and breech delivery; 21. Amniotic fluid embolism and disseminated intravascular coagulation; 22. Postpartum hemorrhage; Section III. Placental complications: 23. Placenta-accreta spectrum; Section IV. Neurological disorders in pregnancy: 24. Epilepsy in pregnancy; 25. Stroke with pregnancy; 26. Multiple sclerosis in pregnancy; 27. Myasthenia gravis in pregnancy; 28. Pregnancy with spinal cord injury; Section V. Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy: 29. Mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum depression; 30. Schizophrenia in pregnancy; Section VI. Cardiopulmonary conditions in pregnancy: 31. Valvular heart disease in pregnancy; 32. Ischemic heart disease in pregnancy; 33. Pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy; 34. Peripartum cardiomyopathy; 35. Asthma in pregnancy; 36. Tuberculosis in pregnancy; 37. Cystic fibrosis in pregnancy; 38. Chronic hypertension and preeclampsia/HELLP complications of pregnancy; Section VII. Hepato-renal and gastrointestinal conditions in pregnancy: 39. Urosepsis in pregnancy; 40. Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy; 41. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy; 42. Crohns disease in pregnancy; 43. Ulcerative colitis in pregnancy; 44. Biliary diseases in pregnancy; 45. Pregnancy after liver transplantation; 46. Pregnancy after renal transplantation; 47. Chronic renal disease in pregnancy; 48. Dialysis in pregnancy; Section VIII. Connective tissue disorders in pregnancy: 49. Systemic lupus erythematosus and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome; 50. Marfans syndrome; Section IX. Hematologic conditions in pregnancy: 51. Sickle-cell anemia in pregnancy; 52. Inherited thrombophilia and venous thromboembolism in pregnancy; 53. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in pregnancy; 54. Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy; Section X. Endocrine disorders in pregnancy: 55. Thyroid disease in pregnancy; 56. Gestational diabetes; 57. Pre-gestational Type I diabetes mellitus; 58. Pre-gestational Type II diabetes mellitus; Section XI. Infectious conditions in pregnancy: 59. Cytomegalovirus infection in pregnancy; 60. Hepatitis B and C in pregnancy; 61. Herpes simplex virus infection in pregnancy; 62. HIV in pregnancy; 63. Parvovirus B19 infection in pregnancy; 64. Rubella in pregnancy; 65. Syphilis in pregnancy; 66. Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy; 67. Varicella in pregnancy; 68. Zika virus infection in pregnancy; 69. SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy; Section XII: Malignant conditions in pregnancy: 70. Breast cancer in pregnancy; 71. Cervical cancer in pregnancy; 72. Adnexal mass in pregnancy; 73. Lymphoid cell cancers in pregnancy; Section XIII: Miscellaneous conditions: 74. Trauma in pregnancy; 75. Alcohol and street drug use in pregnancy; 76. Opioid dependency in pregnancy; 77. Acute abdominal pain in pregnancy.
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