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Infertility in the Male

Infertility in the Male

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This gold standard text has kept its readers abreast of rapid advancements in reproductive medicine and surgery since 1983. Continuing this tradition, this fifth edition has been fully updated and revised to provide clear, didactic advice on best practice for a variety of clinical situations faced by practitioners across many specialties - including urologists, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, medical endocrinologists and many in internal medicine and family practice who see men with suboptimal fertility and reproductive problems. Completely restructured to include pedagogical features such as easily accessible key concepts that cement understanding and real-world use. Covering everything from foundations of anatomy and embryology, through clinical evaluation, diagnostic approaches, treatment and fertility care in context within the healthcare system and society, thrilling advances and future directions are also included. This new edition is an essential reference for all who are working in this young and rapidly evolving field.
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  • Introduction Craig S. Niederberger, Dolores J. Lamb, Larry I. Lipshultz and Stuart S. Howards; Part I. Scientific Foundations of Male Infertility: 1. Anatomy and embryology of the male reproductive tract and gonadal development, the epididymis and accessory sex organs Jeffrey T. White, Marisol ONeill and Meade Haller; 2. Cellular architecture and function of the testis C. Yan Cheng; 3. Maturation and function of sperm Barry T. Hinton; 4. The male reproductive endocrine system Ettore Caroppo; 5. Erection, emission, and ejaculation Ramy Abou Ghayda and Martin N. Kathrins; 6. Genomics, epigenetics and male reproduction Millissia Ben Maamar and Michael Skinner; Part II. Clinical Evaluation of the Infertile Male: 7. Infertility as a metric of mens health Jeremy T. Choy and Michael L. Eisenberg; 8. Ambulatory evaluation of the subfertile male Mark Sigman and Gabriella Avellino; 9. Evaluation of the infertile males partner Sahar Werthemier, Jessica L. Chen and Margareta D. Pisarska; 10. Imaging the male reproductive system Roger K. Khouri and Tolulope Bakare; 11. The environment and male fertility Rebecca Z. Sokol; 12. Endocrine causes of male infertility: diagnosis and treatment Fiona Yuen, Ronald S. Swerdloff and Christina C. L. Wang; 13. Spermatogenesis: diagnosis of normal and abnormal states Mahmoud Mima and Richard A. Schoor; 14. Inheritance and male fertility Robert D. Oates and Cori Tanrikut; 15. The varicocele Sarah C. Krzastek, Ryan P. Smith and Stuart S. Howards; 16. Infection, inflammation, and immunological causes of male infertility Robert E. Brannigan; Part III. Laboratory Diagnosis of Male Infertility: 17. The Laboratory Evaluation of the Infertile Male J. Scott Gabrielsen; 18. Advanced diagnostic approaches to male infertility Dolores J. Lamb; 19. Evaluating defects in sperm function Christopher J. De Jonge; 20. Cryopreservation of sperm and testis tissue Cappy M. Rothman and Mitchel C. Schiewe; Part IV. Treatment of Male Infertility: 21. Medical treatment of male infertility Craig S. Niederberger, Rodrigo Lessi Pagani and Samuel J. Ohlander; 22. Surgery to improve sperm delivery Saneal Rajanahally, Larry I. Lipshultz and Alex W. Pastuszak; 23. Surgical sperm extraction Peter N. Schlegel; 24. The use of sperm in assisted reproductive technology Gail S. Prins; 25. Male oncofertility Darshan P. Patel, Alexander W. Pastuszak and James M. Hotaling; 26. Male contraception Darius Devlin and Martin M. Matzuk; 27. Future directions in male infertility Ranjith Ramasamy and Premal Patel; Part V. Healthcare Systems and Culture: 28. Mental health and male reproduction William D. Petok; 29. Legal issues and male reproduction Heather E. Ross; 30. Gender affirmation, transgender, and male reproduction Brooke A. Harnisch and Stanton C. Honig; 31. Global and cultural aspects of male reproductive care William J. Huang; Index.
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