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Infertility Management Made Easy

Infertility Management Made Easy

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This book is a comprehensive guide to the management of infertility for gynaecologists and trainees.

Divided into seven sections, the text begins with initial patient presentation and various diagnostic investigation techniques including transvaginal sonography, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and semen analysis.

The following sections cover different causes of anovulation (lack or absence of ovulation), problems with the uterus and fallopian tubes such as polyps and fibroids, and other conditions including endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervical factors.

The next section examines male infertility, followed by detailed discussion on the use of IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (in vitro fertilisation), and when each is the more appropriate treatment method.

The third edition of this book has been fully revised to provide clinicians with knowledge of the latest advances and technologies in the field.

Key points

  • Comprehensive guide to management of infertility
  • Step by step approach to both basic and advanced procedures
  • Fully revised, third edition providing latest advances in the field
  • Previous edition (9789350905319) published in 2013
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  • Section 1- Introduction

    1. Doctor We Want a Child
    2. Initial Work-up


    Section 2 - Important Assets and Investigations

    1. Transvaginal Sonography in Infertility
    2. Role of Doppler in Infertility
    3. Semen Analysis
    4. Graphical Evaluation of Fallopian Tubes and Uterus
    5. Expanding Scope through Endoscope
      1. Laparoscopy in Infertility
      2. Tips and Tricks in Laparoscopy
      3. Hysteroscopy in Infertility
      4. Tuberculosis and Endoscopy


    Section 3 - Tackling with Anovulation

    1. Anovulation - Is it Easy to Manage?
    2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
    3. Ovulation Induction
    4. Newer Drugs in Infertility
    5. Thyroid and Hyperprolactinemia in Infertility


    Section 4 - Uterus, Tubes and Infertility

    1. Tubal Factors and Infertility Management by Laparoscopy
    2. Intrauterine Adhesions and Management
    3. Polyps and Infertility
    4. Fibroids and Infertility
    5. Tubal Recanalization


    Section 5 - Some Special Conditions

    1. Endometriosis and Infertility
    2. Luteal Phase Defect
    3. Unexplained Infertility
    4. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Infertility
    5. Cervical Factors and Infertility


    Section 6 - Male Infertility

    1. General Evaluation, Problems of Male and Management
    2. What is New in Male Infertility?


    Section 7 - IUI & IVF - When and Why

    1. Let Us Learn About IUI
    2. ART and Various Options
    3. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in IVF for Poor, Normal and Hyper-responder
    4. Embryological Tips and Tricks to Improve IVF Success
    5. Dilemmas and Troubles in Infertility
      1. Thin Endometrium
      2. Recurrent Implantation Failure
      3. Empty Follicular Syndrome
        Endometrial Scratching
      4. Luteinized Unruptured Follicular Syndrome
    6. Infertility in Nutshell - Important Practical Hints
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