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Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Narratives of Palliative Care, Revised Edition

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Crossing Over provides a unique view of patients, families, and their caregivers in the face of incurable illness. Twenty richly-detailed narratives bring vividly to life the experiences of dying and bereavement, weaving together emotions, physical symptoms, spiritual concerns, and the stresses of family life, as well as the professional and personal challenges of providing hospice and palliative care. Drawing on a variety of qualitative research methods, includingparticipant-observation, interviews, and journal keeping, the narratives depict the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of daily life in patients homes and in the palliative care unit. Crossing Over moves far beyond conventional case reports in medicine, which typically concentrate narrowly on symptoms andtreatments, and beyond cliches about dying with dignity. It provides intimate views of the anger and fear, tenderness and reconciliation, jealousy and love, unexpected courage and unshakable faith, social support and falling through the cracks, which are all part of facing death in North American society. It provides an extraordinary portrait of the processes of giving and receiving hospice and palliative care in the real world, as opposed to idealized versions in many textbooks. This edition of Crossing Over has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect changes in hospice and palliative care and in North American society since the first edition in 2000. Chief among these are the expansion of hospice and palliative care as a field, the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the wider availability of medical aid in dying, and a heightened awareness of how structural racism, classism, and other forms of discrimination shape individuals and families experiencesright up to the close of life.
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OUP Oxford

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  • Contents; 1. Prelude: Palliative Care in the Time of Pandemic-I am a soldier, a different person…a ghost”; 2. General Introduction; 3. Raymond Hynes: When the Storm of a Lifetime Hits in Mid-Dance; 4. Albert Hoffer: Bonds Through Thick and Thin; 5. Klara Bergman: Burdens from the Past; 6. Frances Legendre: The Price of a Death of Ones Own; 7. Shamira Cook: I Want People to Know Who I Am; 8. Rose Picard: Im Allowed to Be Happy Even Though Im Dying; 9. Victor Sloski: If I Had to Do It All Over Again, I Would Do It; 10. Leonard Patterson: Jagged Edges; 11. Miriam Lambert: Total Pain and the Despair of an Unlived Life; 12. Sadie Fineman: A Question of Denial?; 13. Stanley Gray: Like Lazarus, He Came Back from the Dead; 14. Martin Roy: Why Be Dead Before Youre Dead?”; 15. Richard Johnson: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night; 16. Jenny Doyle: It is So Nice to Know that You Have Not Been Given Up On”; 17. Jasmine Claude: A Study in Faith; 18. Katie Melnick: Living and Dying with God; 19. Susan Mulroney: A Private Matter; 20. Costas Metrakis: It Was Not a Peaceful Death; 21. Joey Court: Death of a Child; 22. Paula Ferrari: Another Triumph of the Spiritual Over the Practical; 23. Research Methods; Suggestions for Further Reading; Index of Themes ;
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