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Toward Healthy Aging

Toward Healthy Aging

Human Needs and Nursing Response

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Provide holistic, compassionate nursing care for older adults! Based on evidence-based protocols, Toward Healthy Aging, 11th Edition helps you master gerontological nursing skills with an approach that focuses on health, wholeness, and the potential in aging. In promoting healthy aging, the text emphasizes caring and respect for the person. Special sections provide an honest look at the universal experience of aging. Written by gerontological nursing experts Theris A. Touhy and Kathleen F. Jett, this classic text helps you learn to apply scientific research, build critical thinking skills, and prepare for success on the NCLEX® exam and in clinical practice.

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  • PART 1 Foundations for Clinical Judgment to Promote Healthy Aging
    1 Gerontological Nursing Across the Continuum of Care
    2 Aging, Health, and Wellness in a Global Community
    3 Theories of Aging
    4 Providing Cross-Cultural Care
    5 Economics and Health Care in Late Life
    6 Promoting Excellence in Long-Term Care
    PART 2 Foundations for Taking Action
    7 Therapeutic Communication With Older Adults
    8 Cognitive Health and Learning
    9 Recognizing and Analyzing Cues to Maximize Outcomes
    10 Using Laboratory Data in Clinical Judgment
    11 Safe Medication Use
    PART 3 Clinical Judgment to Promote Wellness and Function
    12 Visual Health
    13 Auditory Health
    14 Healthy Skin
    15 Nutritional Health
    16 Hydration and Oral Health
    17 Elimination
    18 Sleep
    19 Activity and Exercise
    20 Falls and Fall Risk Reduction
    21 Safe and Secure Environments
    PART 4 Clinical Judgment to Promote Wellness for Persons With Chronic Illnesses
    22 Living Well With Chronic Illness
    23 Vascular Disorders
    24 Respiratory Disorders
    25 Neurocognitive Disorders
    26 Care of Individuals With Neurocognitive Disorders
    27 Endocrine and Immune Disorders
    28 Common Musculoskeletal Disorders
    29 Pain and Comfort
    30 Mental Health
    PART 5 Clinical Judgment to Promote Healthy
    Aging With Older Adults and Families
    31 Ethics, Decision Making, and Mistreatment
    32 Relationships, Roles, and Life Transitions
    33 Intimacy and Sexual Health
    34 Loss, Death, and Palliative Care
    35 Spiritual Health, Meaning, and Self-Actualization
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